Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

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Recently, I was contacted by a man who had just quit one of our competitors, another natural mattress store. He was inquiring about coming to work for us in sales. We chatted for a bit about everything from Kim Kardashian to the latest San Francisco News, but the inevitable topic of why he left the other mattress store came up. His answer was very telling, and should be a great lesson in how to purchase a mattress.

He said that he had run out of compelling reasons to sell the product. In other words, when asked why someone should buy the natural latex mattresses being sold at the store he was managing, he simply could not make a compelling argument any longer.

The mattress market is a fast paced industry and there are new innovations and technologies every day. Just a few years ago, Tempurpedic was the king of the mountain, and now a few years later, their market share has shrunken due to innovations brought to market by competitive mattress companies. 

What are the compelling reasons to buy a mattress?

  1. Price - What is the point if it is green, eco friendly or organic if it is not in your budget? Not everyone can afford the most expensive mattresses, however, the good news is that once you get over the 2-3k range, there is not a huge jump in the quality of the materials. Some mattresses are just more money because they look and sound fancier, but they are pretty much made with the same materials. When there are comparable mattresses at a lesser price, most people will buy the lesser priced mattress. It's not rocket science. You don't want to be selling the same thing everyone else is for the most money.
  2. Quality - When innovations come to market and improve the industry, it is only a mattress of time before the inferior product falls by the wayside. Such is the case in the mattress business. Consumers like improvements and innovation, and when it leaves your product in the dust, you need to change your product. Better quality and better design makes for a compelling message. When other products are improving, consumers are compelled to buy new and improved materials and designs.
  3. Service - In the fast paced world of social networking and review sites, you could go from the top of the heap to the bottom very quick by simply not providing great customer service. When consumers read great reviews and glowing recommendations, they are compelled to at least visit your store and consider your products. When the reviews are mediocre and no one is talking about your products, again, there is no compelling reason to try those products.

Shopping for a new mattress and bedding is a bit daunting, and consumers are looking for answers, answers they can trust. They are looking for quality products that deliver more for their money. When you as a consumer are out shopping, you should be compelled to buy, not sold, not convinced, but compelled. Compelled by quality, competitive pricing and by great reviews and recommendations. 

Nest Bedding makes a compelling case for our products. They are some of the most affordable products in the market, and the quality is unquestionably superior to products twice the price. And our reviews speak for themselves.

Why can we sell our latex natural mattresses for less? In fact, we sell our memory foam mattresses for less and our organic sheet sets for less. Shop around the San Francisco Bay Area and you will find our products and prices to be quite compelling!