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Products That Help You Sleep

Products that Help You Sleep


The number of people who face difficulty in sleeping is surprisingly very high. There might be different factors that contribute to sleeping disorders. These include an urban lifestyle, being over stressed, improper diet, unhealthy environment, etc. Over the years, doctors and manufacturers have developed numerous products that aid in sleeping. While pills seem to be the most common of them all, they are not a permanent solution and an individual may get immune to the pill. To cure a problem, it is crucial to determine its cause. In some cases, a sleeping disorder might be a medical problem but in most others, it is caused by improper sleeping conditions. The products mentioned below are frequently used to aid in sleeping, but would they be the right choice?

Adjustable Beds



The Leggett and Platt Prodigy Adjustable Bed, Available At Nest and in Nest Bedding stores.

Some people prefer to sleep with their upper bodies elevated a little more than the lower portion. Others are comfortable sleeping in a straight position. Most conventional mattresses do not entertain everyone’s demands. Therefore, people adhere to adjustable beds. Their mechanisms are similar to hospital beds where the elevation of different parts of the bed can be adjusted manually. But how can one be certain about the perfect level of elevation? Instead of spending great money on such beds, one could opt for memory foam. These mattresses are made up of a material that automatically takes the shape of the body and distributes pressure and weight evenly. With the weight evenly distributed, it feels that the mattress is specifically designed for every part of the body which provides unmatched comfort and ease in sleeping.

Indoor Air Purifiers

The environment around a person can have a major influence on the mood and mental state of an individual. Leaving aside all the visual and audible factors, the quality of air in a room plays a vital role in providing comfort. A lack of oxygen leads to discomfort, however that is not generally the problem. Any odors, fragrances, toxic chemicals, etc. in the air can lead to breathing difficulties and consequently sleeping disorders. To avoid such situations, people prefer to use air purifiers. While these devices do maintain the quality of air, they require regular maintenance and the question that arises is ‘Why are there impure elements in the atmosphere in the first place?’ The problem is that most conventional mattresses made up from synthetic polymers release toxic gases that can cause multiple medical problems. Instead of filtering these chemicals with a purifier, one could try organic mattresses that are not only free of such toxic elements but also provide other benefits such as easy breathing, air circulation, absorbing moisture, etc.

Although people also use other products such as white noise generators and eye masks as sleeping aids, the use of those products does not imply a sleeping disorder. They might be useful in environments where the external noise is high or the lighting is bright. However, they do not play a role in providing comfort which is the most essential of all. The Sleep Doctor recommends the use of Nest Bedding’s organic products to provide the best night comfort to your body.