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8 Ways to Create a Luxurious Guest Bedroom

create a luxurious guest bedroom with a seating area

create a luxurious guest bedroom with a seating area

Something is comforting about having one more bedroom than you need for your current household. The extra room could be almost anything, but most homeowners decide to create a luxurious guest bedroom. Having an extra bed and a private space for guests can allow you to host relatives, run an Airbnb, provide a crashing place for friends in a tight spot, or host adult-style sleepovers. But whatever you plan to do with your guest room, first it must be decorated.

Chances are, you don't just want a spare room with a bed in it. To be a great host, you plan to put together a truly luxurious and visually appealing place for your guests to relax and rest while visiting your home. To lend a hand, we're here to outline the basics of a welcoming and well-designed guest room.

1. A Big-Enough Bed Frame

The first major decision you're going to make is the bed size. Unless your guest room is tiny, it is most courteous to provide a Queen-sized bed. It is a standard of the hospitality industry, and you will rarely find a hotel room with smaller than Queen-sized beds. Choosing a Queen bed frame will allow you to host an adult couple comfortably without anyone feeling cramped.

2. Luxuriously Comfortable Mattress

The one thing almost everyone looks forward to (and secretly fears) about travel is sleeping on a new mattress. You have the opportunity to make your guest room heavenly for anyone who visits your home by choosing wisely. We strongly suggest a medium-firm mattress that provides ample support topped with cloud-like memory foam. A soft topper will make your bed comfortable for those who like to sink in while the firm center will make sleep rewarding for guests who need a firm mattress.

3. Elegant Clothing Storage

Clothing storage matters a great deal for a guest room, mainly if you will be hosting family for summers or over the holidays. Make sure to have at least a foot of hanging closet bar space for hanging clothing and shelves or drawers for things you fold. If there is room, consider a beautiful dresser that comes up to about waist-high. It can double as a storage and sorting surface for personal items and provide a private place to hide clean underwear.

In addition to clean clothes storage, make sure to stash a discreet hamper in the guest room as well, one with an opaque liner to respect guest privacy.

4. Full-Length Mirror

People often worry more about their appearances when traveling because they are outside of their comfort zone and away from their normal personal care routines. Especially if your guest room does not have a connected bathroom, it's considerate to leave a large or full-length mirror to help them spruce up before emerging in the morning or before evening social events.

5. Quiet Seating Area

Most great guest room designs include at least one chair so guests can sit somewhere other than the bed and this chair often sits with office decor. You may want to add a bookshelf full of old favorite novels or nonfiction works that your guests might enjoy as a quiet way to wind down in the evening. If there is room, a desk near a power outlet is also considerate, so your guests can set up a laptop and stay connected during their visit with you.

6. Designated Bed Linens

Your home may have plenty of comfy sheets that are in constant rotation through use and laundry, but these should not be your guest sheets. Your old familiar family sheets can remain for family use. For your guest bed, purchase two or three matching sets of delightfully soft percale-crisp sheets that will stay dedicated to the guest suite. This way, you will always have a beautiful collection of sheets for your guest and can change sheets quickly in case of emergency or during extended stays.

You may also want to buy a set of matching guest towels, or two sets to be extra-welcoming for couples staying with you. It will ensure that your guests always have a fluffy towel to bathe with and can help you keep guest towels separate from family towels that are continuously used and tend to lose their fluff.

7. Extra Pillows and Blankets

The way you make your guest bed is probably beautiful, but it may not be what every guest needs. Different people have different body temperatures and sleeping requirements. Some guests will get cold very quickly and will appreciate an additional blanket while others may want to throw off your duvet and use a lighter blanket because they tend to overheat. A knit throw or a light patchwork quilt can offer the best of both worlds, an extra layer for the chilly and a summer-weight alternate for the hot sleepers.

Extra pillows are also occasionally a valuable addition, especially if your guests are experiencing a head cold. Consider getting a few different consistencies: a pair of very fluffy pillows, a pair of firm pillows, and a pair of squishy down pillows so guests can choose their favorite.

8. Hypoallergenic Liners

Mattresses are notorious for collecting allergens, among other things. For guests allergic to the local wildlife, travel can be a hellish world of sneezing and runny eyes. With the simple choice of hypoallergenic liners for your mattress and pillows, you can create a haven for guests with allergies so that at least their sleep will not be full of unwanted pollen and foreign dust. The liners will ensure that allergens don't embed themselves in your mattress and can be washed every few months to provide an allergy-free stay in your guest room.

And a Few of the Little Touches

Finally, with your luxurious guest room now fully furnished, it's time to think about the little touches. How can you make your guests feel especially welcome and improve the quality of their stay? There are some ways you can add special little touches of hospitality from the decor on the walls to fuzzy slippers they can borrow during their stay. You may want to put out fresh flowers, hotel-style toiletries, or a welcoming basket of snacks and drinks just before your guest arrives.

You may have noticed that we haven't told you how to decorate your luxurious guest room, and that's because every homeowner is unique. Your home and personality will always shine through when you choose the bedding, furniture, and decor of your guest bedroom. And we're sure you'll pull it together into something beautiful and genuinely delightful for your guests when they come to visit. For more tips on how to create a luxurious guest bedroom or sleeping space for any occasion, contact us today!