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  • A Guide to Bedtime Comfort and Safety for Seniors

    Are you caring for an elderly parent or grandparent? If so, there are many things you can do to keep them safe and comfortable throughout the day. However, providing the same level of care and comfort becomes more difficult at bedtime. Take a look at our tips for bedtime comfort and safety for seniors.
  • Understanding Sleep Cycles and How They Affect Your Day

    Getting a good night's sleep is elusive for many of us. We wake up tired, groggy or just feeling like we haven't gotten a good night's sleep. Understanding sleep cycles, when they occur, and how they make you feel will help you understand your mood as you start a new day.
  • 8 Ways to Create a Luxurious Guest Bedroom

    An extra room can be turned to almost anything but most homeowners decide to create a luxurious guest bedroom. As a great host, you plan to put together a truly comfortable place for your guests to relax while visiting your home. And to lend a hand, we'll outline the basics of a welcoming and well-designed guest room.
  • 10 Fascinating Facts about Mattresses

    That block of springs and foam that you sleep on every night might be holding several intriguing secrets. So we thought we'd share ten interesting and weird truths about mattresses. These fascinating facts about mattresses may even change the way you think about your bed!
  • Discover the Fascinating Link Between Sleep and Dreams

    From ancient civilizations to today, people have believed in the elusive power of dreams. Read about the history of interpreting dreams and the connection between sleep and dreams today.
  • 6 Signs It's Time to Buy A New Mattress

    Are you having trouble getting comfortable at night or waking up with aches and pains? If you've tried everything and still can't sleep well, it might be time to buy a new mattress.
  • How to Sleep Better: The Science Behind Sleep and Health

    The quality of your sleep every night depends on your home furnishings and affects your overall health. So learning how to sleep better can mean a bit of a bedroom upgrade. But don't take our word for it. Read what science has to say about the connections between sleep, home furnishings, and health.
  • 6 Magical Powers of the Perfect Mattress

    Dreaming of better sleep? Learn six life-changing benefits of investing in the perfect mattress.

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