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A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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How To Extend The Life Of A Mattress

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Ideally its the kind of purchase you don't have to make very often because, let's face it, buying a new mattress is a begrudging purchase. There is no fun or romance in going out mattress shopping.

The sales, the pushy salespeople, the myriad of choices and never knowing exactly which one is the best for you. It is nothing less than overwhelming.

So, when you do finally find that one mattress that works for you and is in your budget, you want to keep that mattress for as long as possible. We are all familiar with what it is like to sleep on a mattress which has seen better days, and it is not fun.

There are ways to keep that great new memory foam mattress or organic latex mattress feeling its best for many restful nights:

  • Keep it dry - A memory foam mattress or latex organic mattress should not be subjected to moisture, in any form. Moisture in a foam can lead to the foam breaking down rather quickly, thus, shortening the lifespan of your mattress. This can be accomplished by avoiding eating and drinking in bed and keeping a moisture-proof cover on the mattress.
  • Keep it clean - Dead skin cells and other organic material can accumulate over time in the pores of the foam, causing it to matte down and lose its support. You can vacuum the mattress on occasion but keeping a protective cover on the mattress at all times and keeping it laundered is the best defense.
  • Keep it supported - Too often, in the name of saving money, people will put their mattress on the floor or on a defective or worn bed or box spring. Mattresses are designed to accompany a box spring or sit on a slatted base with the slats no more than 3-4" apart. Any more than that and the mattress can develop ridges. Putting it on the floor can also cause long term damage as it could begin to mold underneath the mattress.
  • Keep it covered - Mattress protectors are important. Not a mattress pad, but protector. Many people put on a mattress pad but really, they are not necessary. You need to keep dead skin cells, organic material, dirt and moisture from accumulating in your mattress. A breathable, waterproof protector is vital to caring for your new mattress. These can be found in your Nest Bedding stores or online at

A new mattress can really improve the quality of your sleep, and understanding how to keep your mattress as new as possible for as long as possible may take a little work, but in the end it will really pay off. New mattresses can be very expensive.and the last think you want to do is replace it every few years. Taking the time to maintain your new mattress will pay long term dividends by rewarding you with a supportive and comfortable sleep environment.

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