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Should You Get Your Kids a Bunk Bed? 9 Reasons to Say Yes

mother reading book to young children next to bunk beds
Choosing a bed for your child is a pretty serious decision — and not just choosing between twin and full-sized or wondering if a novelty racecar bed would be more fun. If you're wondering if you should get your kids a bunk bed, we're here to provide an assessment of the situation from top to bottom. Pun intended.

Feng Shui: A Short History and Practical Tips for Beginners

Feng Shui Bagua with pebbles in front of minimalist bedroom
Before we get started, it is essential to understand that Feng Shui is not just another interior design gimmick or home-improvement tip. It is a practice deeply rooted in Chinese thought and culture, rich in meaning and significance in its own right.

Ideal Bedroom Set-Up for Partners with Separate Sleep Schedules

woman opening bedroom curtains looking out open window
What happens when early birds and night owls get together as romantic partners? They find themselves sleeping and waking at vastly different times. It's not an option for one or the other to change to accommodate the other, however. When it comes to primary sleep cycles, our bodies set the rhythm more than our wills.

19 Fascinating Facts About Beds, Bedding and the History of Sleep

woman laughing on bed with messy hair
What's the one place in your home where you can rest in comfort and shed the cares of your stressful day? Your bedroom! We all love our bed and the zzz's we catch there, but how much do we really know about this grand piece of furniture? Here are a handful of fun facts about beds, bedding, and the history of sleep.

How to Keep Up with Fresh Home Furnishing Trends, Bedroom and Beyond

Young couple redecorates with home furnishing trends
According to a recent survey, bedrooms are the third most common renovation projects that homeowners undertake, right behind kitchens and bathroom...

Top 6 Master Bedroom Decorating Tips for a Zen Space

Follow master bedroom decorating tips when organizing your bedroom
Decor can make all the difference in providing your ideal atmosphere in your home. Having the right furnishings and decorations is the first step to finding a balance between the calm, functional space you've been dreaming of. Here are our best master bedroom decorating tips.

6 Ways to Get More From the Space Under Your Bed

Drawers utilize the space under your bed
Bedrooms have a way of accumulating stuff. They are our personal sanctuaries, our havens from stress and the worries of the outside world. Whether you have an ever-expanding wardrobe or there's just no room for a desk and chair in your room, here are our favorite techniques for optimizing the space under your bed.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom to Promote Peace and Relaxation

Learn how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep
Better sleep starts with a better bedroom. Learn how to decorate your bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Alternatives to IKEA

IKEA is an awesome solution when you need furniture quick and cheap. Bedroom furniture, beds in particular, are something you can get relatively ch...

The Mattress and the Heirloom Furniture

 Growing up we had a gorgeous antique bed, passed down from my grandmother. It was very ornate and well-built, as most furniture was constructed ve...


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