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Why Wool Is The Perfect Fire Retardant Material For Mattresses

Natural wool is a great fire retardant material. Natural, untreated wool is naturally fire resistant due to the existence of moisture naturally occurring in the strands of wool. This moisture content prevents the wool from igniting and suppresses the fire. Wool has been used as a fire retardant for decades. Hollywood stuntmen wear wool lined clothing when performing scenes where they are lit on fire. 

What Is Found In A Typical Mattress Fire Barrier?

While every mattress sold in the U.S. must pass fire retardant laws, there is no regulation dictating what is to be used or regulating what materia...

Why Do They Make Mattresses Fire Safe?

This is probably one of the most misunderstood areas of mattresses. Consumers are often confused as to the why mattresses have to pass fire re...

The Politics of a Mattress

In the movie "Thank You For Smoking" we follow the exploits of a man employed by a marketing front for the tobacco industry as he tries to convince...


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