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Why Wool Is The Perfect Fire Retardant Material For Mattresses

Natural wool is a great fire retardant material. Natural, untreated wool is naturally fire resistant due to the existence of moisture naturally occurring in the strands of wool. This moisture content prevents the wool from igniting and suppresses the fire. Wool has been used as a fire retardant for decades. Hollywood stuntmen wear wool lined clothing when performing scenes where they are lit on fire. 

Part 1: Wool: Your Best Friend In Bed

I have always held that wool is the absolute best material to sleep on and under, making it your best friend in bed. It does for your body exactly ...

What Is The Best Type Of Bedding?

  When you own a bedding store, you inevitably get asked what is the best kind of bedding available. And while the "best" can be a very subjective ...

Why Wool Is Awesome For Use In Mattresses And Bedding

For centuries, people have been lovingly gathering the coat from sheep to use in bedding and clothing. It's safe for the animal and for humans, and...


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