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10 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Sleep

woman touching tablet for smart home lighting
We love our smart homes. They can do so much cool stuff — from tracking your grocery list to responding to the command "Party Time" by turning up ...

The Gift of Great Sleep: 6 Holiday Bedding Gift Ideas

family opening presents holiday bedding gift ideas
There are a surprising number of examples when sheets, blankets, pillows, and PJs make excellent Christmas gifts for friends or family, people you've known forever and people you've just met. Here are some great holiday bedding gift ideas to check off everyone on your gift list.

Why a Bed is the Perfect Housewarming Gift For Your Kid's First Apartment

Your kid's first apartment
Every parent goes through the unique experience of watching their babies grow up. Before you know it, they're up and talking, going to school, dating and driving. When they're ready for their first home away from home, here's how to celebrate your kid's first apartment with a new bed.


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