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The Gift of Great Sleep: 6 Holiday Bedding Gift Ideas

family opening presents holiday bedding gift ideas

family opening presents holiday bedding gift ideas

The holidays are a great time to buy bedding for friends and family. This article will outline great holiday bedding gift ideas and reasons to buy a mattress/pillows/bedding/PJs as gifts for others.

For most people, some time around Thanksgiving is when we get our holiday shopping into gear. Gifts for every friend and family member must be found, wrapped, and delivered very soon. But there is one thing we all learn: Finding a unique and personal gift for everyone you know can be pretty challenging. Some of us have go-to solutions like charity donations or scented candles. Others turn holiday shopping into an art form of creative buying and year-round gift hunting.

And sometimes, the perfect gift for someone is surprisingly simple. It's all about what will be appreciated most. In many families, for example, a high-school senior will get pots, pans, and luggage as gifts for their move to college. Or a pregnant couple will be gifted with nursery furniture. There are also times when the perfect gift some luxuriously soft and climate-appropriate bedding.

1. When the Best Gift is Good Sleep

The best gift is often one given with insight. If you happen to know that a relative has been having a terrible time sleeping, a high-quality set of bedding could be what they need during their holiday off time. Any relatives who are new parents, for example, could use the extra sleep while there is family around to care for their baby. And they would love a set of fresh new sheets to complete their holiday.

The same might go for a friend who has been stressing out too much at work. A full set of soft natural sheets as a gift would be a great way to wish them sweet dreams during their holiday vacation.

High-quality sheets are a great way to help anyone on your gift-list come back from the holidays truly refreshed. Giving someone sheets is a great way to be friendly and compassionate. And provide them with something that will be useful for years.

2. When You Want to Share the Joy of Specific Sheets

Holiday gifts can also be a great way to share an experience. Many old friends and adult relatives will give gifts that share a good experience they discovered over the years. You might, for example, give your sister two tickets to a spa that you thought was fantastic in an earlier visit. Or give your best friend a bag of coffee you discovered was delicious in your journey.

The same way, it's reasonable to buy a complete set of sheets for someone you care about if you love the sheets yourself. If you discover a great line of sheets or the perfect pillows that improve your sleep, why not share? No doubt, your siblings, in-laws, or best friends would appreciate equally comfortable nights and deep breathable sleep.

3. When Family is Staying in Your Spare Room

Many families have a tradition of hosting relatives who travel to see them. Since the goal is to spend time together, it often makes sense to invite close relatives to stay in your guest room. Of course, this requires the assessment of your extra sheets. If the extra sheets in your home are no longer guest-worthy (or if you don't have enough sheets to start with), then buying new sheets for the holidays is an easy solution.

In the best possible scenario, your relatives will adore your choice of new organic sheets and may ask where you found them. It is the perfect opportunity to give them the same experience to take home with a new set of the same sheets. Even better if you can choose sheets in the favorite colors of your guests. It is also the perfect time to gift your guest family with things like pillows or weather-appropriate pajamas to improve their stay.

4. For New Family Members You Don't Know Well

Another excellent reason to choose linens as a gift is when you don't know the recipient well. We are often asked to share holiday gatherings with new and distant family members who aren't that close. In-laws and second cousins are often not easy to shop for because you have no idea what they would like.

But everyone likes a good night's sleep and soft, breathable bedding. Pillows are something to save for people you know well, but high-quality sheets are an excellent gift for near-strangers. By choosing organic sheets, you can even avoid triggering unknown allergies. Sheets are a friendly way to gift a lesser-known family member with something sweet that also isn't boring or expected.

5. For Family Who Have Moved Recently

Then there are the rare occasions where new bedding the perfect gift. When a friend or relative has moved or significantly changed their life recently, bedding can bring that change home comfortably. Let's say you have a niece who is about to/has just moved to college. A new luxurious new twin-sized bedding set will make dorm life much more enjoyable. They may also enjoy a full set of modest-and-comfy pajamas or a new squishy pillow to take with them instead of an old household pillow.

A relative who has moved may also appreciate new sheets and fresh bedding to start their life in the new home. Recently divorced sibling? All-new sheets and bedding can be the perfect way to help them enjoy life on their own. Choose a dark and rich or bright and cheerful variant of their favorite color to celebrate their personality as an individual.

Interestingly, teens reinventing themselves also enjoy new bedding in dark/bright favorite colors that celebrate their personalities.

6. When You Want Great Bedding to Travel With

Finally, let's not forget giving a few unique gifts to yourself this holiday season. Part of the fun of gift shopping is finding little gems that are perfect for you as well. And sometimes, you can use a new set of bedding. If the sheets in your current rotation are old or stretched or you finally found the perfect fluffy duvet, go ahead and treat yourself. Wrap up in down feathers or knit cotton. Try the breathability of bamboo sheets, or snuggle up with the perfect side-sleeper pillow.

Or maybe you're the one going to visit relatives and want to sleep comfortably once and for all in your mother's guest room. A new set of modest pajamas and matching sheets might make your holiday travels more enjoyable than ever before.

We're Full of Holiday Bedding Gift Ideas

There are a surprising number of examples when sheets, blankets, pillows, and PJs make excellent Christmas gifts for friends or family, people you've known forever and people you've just met. Sometimes, a beautiful matching set of sheets is the perfect present to unwrap on Christmas morning. And the ideal way to enjoy the next week of sleeping in and eating leftover ham. For more great holiday bedding gift ideas or help finding the perfect present for a hard-to-gift relative, contact us today!