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Pregnancy Pillows: Expectant Moms and Beyond!

pregnant woman sleeping with pregnancy pillow
While there are many variations of the standard variety of pillows, the time may come to consider particular specialty pillows, such as the pregnancy pillows. Who benefits most from these pillows? The full answer may surprise you.

Up All Night? 6 Comfy Tips for Staying (Awake) in Bed for Hours

woman working on laptop in bed at night
Whatever the reason, thousands of people every night are in bed—lounging, but not sleeping. For anyone who spends a lot of time staying awake in bed—day or night—there are a few things you can do differently to make that time extra comfortable.

Is Your Mattress Pressuring You?

Metal coils, however, were the enemy of the public, and yet many brands are still using them, for the same reasons: they are cheap. Metal coils may be the foundation of their mattress and several other mattress makers, but coils are NOT the foundation for mattresses that are built properly. Let me explain.

Consider Memory Foam Mattresses For Increased Circulation

I was reading an article on bed sores, which are very common among the elderly, and it reminded me I needed to write an article about the benefits ...


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