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The Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

The Benefits of a Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

Forget the ten-step beauty routines and extensive hair care regimens, one simple switch can make your skin and hair silky smooth. Pun intended.

But did you know that simply switching your pillowcase to a silk pillowcase can reduce breakouts, wrinkles, dehydration and improve hair health? It's a beauty hack that requires no effort, just a simple upgrade to a 100% silk pillowcase to reap all these benefits and then some.

We'll dive in-depth into the benefits of a silk pillowcase and answer the question. Is a silk pillowcase worth the hype? Continue reading for the scoop. 

Silk vs. Cotton 

Before we discuss the pillowcase you should have, let's discuss the pillowcase you probably do have.

The majority of pillowcases are cotton or cotton and a synthetic blend like polyester. While cotton is also a wonderful material, it doesn't compare to the benefits of silk when used as a pillowcase.

It's also important to note that silk is naturally a thermoregulating material. This means it keeps you cool on hot nights and warm on cold ones, creating comfortable rest.

Additionally, while cotton can be made hypoallergenic, silk is naturally so. Thus, using a silk pillowcase is great for those with underlying allergies or asthma.

See what we mean with our no-risk 30 day trial of our silk pillowcases. Now let's unwrap the benefits of these pillowcases for your skin and hair!

Benefits of Silk Pillowcase for Skin

If you care about your skin, you probably have one serum for dark spots. One serum for wrinkles, A cream for under-eyes. 

The list goes on.

But what if you had one hero product, that addressed all of these issues, without even lifting a finger?

It'd be a miracle. Or it'd just be a silk pillowcase. 

Here we'll discuss the proven beauty benefits of a silk pillowcase for your skin. 

1. Reduced Wrinkles

The "silky" feel of silk fabric actually reduces friction on the skin, especially for side and stomach sleepers. This means less tugging and creasing of the skin. When sleeping you'll find you wake with fewer marks on your face.

In the long run, those marks you get from sleeping on a non-silk pillowcase turn into permanent wrinkles. Switch to silk and immediately you'll find you wake with no creases. Goodbye crow's feet!

2. Decreased Acne

One of the unique properties of silk is its antimicrobial abilities. Acne is caused by a combination of factors: genetics, hygiene, hormones, and bacteria to name a few. Bacteria are a type of microbe that luckily don't do well in silk. 

For you this means your silk pillowcases stay cleaner with fewer washes. Over time you'll find your acne is improved through less exposure to bacteria, keeping your pores clean and clog-free!

3. Moisture Locking

Did you know cotton actually absorbs moisture from your skin? Aka: it dries you out! After a lengthy routine of layering creams into your face, your cotton pillowcase goes and undoes all your efforts. 

Not cool.

Silk, on the other hand, promotes moisture retention and doesn't dry out your skin. Instead, it helps your products stay where they're meant, your face. 

Benefits of Silk Pillowcase for Hair

If your hair is a victim to tangles, breakage, and dryness, the missing link might be your pillowcase. You can do all the hair masks in the world, but if you're sleeping on anything other than silk at night, your efforts are fruitless.

The reality is cotton is a moisture vacuum. Just think how wet your shirt gets wearing a cotton shirt on a hot summer day. 

Like our skin, our hair thrives on hydration. With a silk pillowcase, the hydration is locked in instead of sucked out. We'll explain this and its effective benefits.

1. Reduced Frizz

The constant friction of your hair strands against the textured grains of cotton or the like exposes the hair's outer layer, the cuticle, to friction. This is what we commonly refer to as the unpopular, frizz. 

A silk pillowcase moves with your hair, not against it. The smooth texture creates a low-friction environment. Every time your hair moves on a silk pillowcase, it glides instead of tugs — even for our curly hair friends! 

The frizz-fighting benefits of silk are enjoyed by all hair lengths and textures alike.

2. Reduced Breakage

The smooth qualities of silk fabric also help reduce breakage, especially if you sleep with wet hair. The ten-pound weight of your head sandwiching your hair between your pillowcase pulls on individual strands. This causes breakage anywhere from the root down to split ends.

With a silk pillowcase, there is less friction and force, resulting in reduced breakage and reduced tangles too. 

3. Hydrated Hair

Silk's low absorbency also helps lock moisture into, well, your locks. Moisture retainment is essential to hair growth, elasticity, softness, and frizz reduction. 

In the same way silk benefits your skin, it also benefits your hair. Products such as a leave-in conditioner will actually stay in your hair with a silk pillowcase. They won't be sucked up by the fibers of your pillowcase. 

When oils and moisturizers actually stay in your hair, the result is smoother, shinier, easier to manger hair!  

Why a Silk Pillowcase?

It's pretty obvious to us now that you need a silk pillowcase in your life. It's astonishing how a simple switch in the material of your pillowcase can reap major rewards for your skin and hair health. A silk pillowcase is an answer to dewy, clear skin and good hair days.

If that's something you've been working towards, make sure to view our selection of 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases. They're made of 19 Momme solid woven silk which means they're made of the utmost quality. No wonder they have five-star reviews.

While silk can't retrospectively reduce aging, it can help slow it down. See for yourself! Happy resting.