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Adore the Snore: 5 Tips for Dealing with a Partner That Snores

Adore the Snore: 5 Tips for Dealing with a Partner That Snores

couple trying to sleep with a partner that snores

Disrupted sleep. Drowsiness. Irritability. Fear. That's the chain of repercussions that come from the burden of sleeping with a snorer.

At first, you tolerate the loud foghorn your partner that snores has become. You try to accept what you cannot change and make the best of a bad situation. Unfortunately, the snores do not disappear.

After days (or weeks, or months) of tiredness and aggravation, you begin to fear the bedroom. It's the source of all your frustration, all your sapped energy. You need a real change.

So what can you do to stop the snoring and start sleeping peacefully again?

1. Try Nasal Strips

They make you look like someone punched you in the nose, but nasal strips provide a simple solution to your sleep problem. You don't need to rely on heavy machinery or outrageous tricks. Just slip one of these suckers over your partner's nose, and it opens the nostrils up for more excellent airflow.

To determine if they're a decent candidate, have them follow the test suggested by the British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association. Take your index finger and press against one nostril. Breathe in through the other and notice if the nostril collapses.

If this occurs, gently push open the nostril with a matchstick. If you see that the breathing improves, then you might want to invest in nasal strips.

Once you've decided to use nasal strips, they can be challenging to adjust into a nightly routine. An article on goes into detail about the efforts the author made to stop her husband's snoring. Nasal strips did the trick, but the discomfort and the effort it took to breathe made him stop wearing them altogether.

It's up to your partner what will work for them, so learn to recognize when they require another solution.

2. Use a Tennis Ball

Back-sleepers are notorious snore-hounds. So the most straightforward remedy is to push them to their side. But after nights of slapping, punching, or even kicking your partner that snores to move, you both deserve a less violent way to get to sleep.

Enter the tennis ball. This versatile object is particularly helpful in shifting your partner's sleep position at night.

Have your partner wear a shirt with a pocket sewn on the back to cradle the tennis ball. The lumpiness causes your partner to move off his back onto his side during the night. Eventually, your partner will get the hint that the back is not where it's at and sleep more soundly on his side.

Tennis anyone?

3. Change your Mind

What if I said there was a fool-proof cure for sleeping with a snorer? Would you believe me? If not, then it's time to change the way you think!

Your mind is the most critical factor in achieving a solid night's rest. Avoiding your anxieties, worries, and fears plague a potentially great night of sleep. The same goes for fear of that awful snore.

So don't fear it. The website wikiHow suggests viewing the snoring as a means of improving your sleep rather than preventing it. Try to integrate the sound of your partner snoring into your bedtime routine. With practice, wikiHow claims, "[t]he very source of your troubles can actually help you fall back asleep."

It may seem like a strange solution, but this method helps you in other realms as well. When you start to see how the things you fear can benefit you, they won't be so scary anymore. Learn to appreciate the disruptions in your life, and you'll conquer any obstacle, even a snoring spouse.

4. Sleep Separately

Many couples may see this alternative as an emergency solution. But poor sleep is an emergency. The sooner you address it, the better. And that might mean sleeping in separate rooms.

According to a National Sleep Foundation survey conducted in 2005, nearly 25% of married couples sleep in separate rooms. It's not a bad thing to have your own space. The ability to sleep soundly can bolster your relationship with your partner and your health.

But you still need to prioritize that relationship to maintain it. Like Verily Magazine warns, not spending time with your loved one can be harmful to you both. Without intimate nighttime interaction, you run the risk of your relationship turning stale.

Take the time to nurture your relationship with your partner. That may mean incorporating your partner in an activity you usually do solo or substituting some time with your friends to be with your spouse.

Stake out your room, but don't cut your partner out completely. Find ways to build your relationship and fuse your sleep needs into the picture.

You'll find that picture is much prettier!

5. Ask your Doctor

You may not be the only one getting inadequate sleep. Does your partner's snoring stop and start throughout the night? They may be experiencing sleep apnea, a condition that can be dangerous if left untreated.

Sleep apnea occurs from the cessation of breathing at night. With less oxygen reaching the brain, your partner's quality of sleep declines. Not only that, it can cause high blood pressure and hinder daily functioning.

Consult your doctor to discover if your partner has sleep apnea. They will recommend either an in-lab test (also called nocturnal polysomnography) or an at-home test. These tests measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and various breathing patterns.

Next time you notice you can't sleep, talk to your doctor. Who knows? You may not only save your sleep, but your partner's health as well.

Sleep is everything. It gives us peace of mind, clarity in decision-making, stronger brain function, and better overall health.

Don't ignore your partner's snoring. Work with them to assess their snoring issues early on. You'll enjoy life together more, and your relationship will improve! Trust us.

At Nest Bedding, we understand that who you sleep with is only part of the equation. Our mattresses provide you with the comfort and support you need to sleep at your best. Change how you sleep—change how you live.