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10 Exceptional Benefits of Organic Bedding

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When you're shopping for a new set of bedding, you've got some critical decisions to make. Color, thread count, and bed size are only the beginning. The bedding you choose will shape the experience of the sleeper not just for one night, but for every night they sleep in that beautifully made new bed.

So whether you're shopping for bedding for yourself, your child, or a friend's holiday gift, choosing organic bedding is a natural choice. Pun intended.

Organic bedding has a massive variety of advantages, from being closer to mother nature to having no surprises when you throw them in the wash.

Join us today in diving right into ten wonderfully soft reasons why organic bedding is an excellent choice for any bed you plan to adorn with beautiful new sheets.

1. Super Soft Threads

There are all sorts of ways that sheet-makers make their sheets soft, from adding a ton of threads to lengthening the fiber of the threads. We've already talked about how long-comb is technically softer than multi-thousand thread count and how cotton and bamboo natural fibers are fantastic compared to the plasticky microfiber and polyester alternatives.

But organic sheets are incredibly soft when they're woven in just the right way — softer than plasticky fake threads could ever be and oh-so-natural on your skin.

2. No Allergies, No Itching

Speaking of allergies, if you have them, then you can finally stop worrying. Organic sheets are made from clean natural fibers without harmful pesticides or weird preservatives. This means that if you have sensitive skin or skin allergies to unnatural fibers, organic sheets will be the softest night's sleep you've ever had.

Anyone on a quest for sheets that don't make you itch, you've found your answer with organic cotton and bamboo sheets.

3. Safe for Young Children

If you are a parent, you know that all-encompassing concern to protect your child in their sleep. When children sleep, all that wild energy is briefly taken into dreamland, and you can see just how small they are and how high their needs are. Of course, you want to protect them with every choice you make.

Organic sheets don't contain anything you have to worry about. No strange synthetic fibers they might have an allergic reaction to, no weird preservatives that might cause your precious little one unknown health problems in the future. Just the pure soft fibers of mother nature.

4. The Perfect Gift for Nature-Loving Friends

If you've got friends that love all things natural, a beautiful set of vividly colored organic sheets can be the perfect birthday, holiday, or Mother's Day gift. Friends who are crazy about organic lavender-scented soaps, beads made in the Himalayas by free-trade artisans and woven wicker baskets instead of plastic storage containers will all adore the gift of wonderfully soft organic sheets to adorn their bed at home.

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5. Sensually Soft for Your Special Someone

Many people buy a new pair of sheets when they realize that someone special will be staying over and it's time to make an excellent impression of how you keep your home. Even if it's not the night, or even if that first special night happened many nights ago, it's always nice to impress your special someone with a genuinely sensual bedtime experience.

A new set of organic sheets will not only make your bed beautiful, but you'll also get the lovely experience of your beloved stretching happily over the new sheets as their skin realizes just how deliciously soft your new bedding is.

6. No Surprise Laundry Behaviors

Synthetic fibers are full of surprises and not necessarily in a good way. You don't want surprises from your sheets. You want soft reliable service every time you put them in the wash. With organic sheets, you know exactly how to handle those fibers.

Follow the instructions, wash on the right temperature, remember the color-locking vinegar with the first load, and you'll get that same dedicated and fantastically soft service from your sheets with every single wash in the future — no synthetic surprises.

7. Great for Sensitive Pets

Bedding can even be an essential gift for a beloved pet. If you have a pet who has allergies, sensitive skin or is getting to that age where they need to be pampered every day, it can be hard to buy them all the right things. You go out of your way to obtain the natural pet food that matches their vet-recommended diet. You only give them healthy treats from trustworthy brands, and you check your toys carefully to make sure they're made of materials you trust.

And the same is true of your pet's bedding with organic bedding. You can be sure that your sensitive pet can sleep soundly without worry about allergies or preservatives on their precious skin.

8. Free of Preservatives

Speaking of preservatives, one of the biggest problems with non-organic bedding is that you have no idea what was used on the natural or synthetic fibers before they reach you in their packaging. Once, you only had to worry about starch in new sheets, making them stiff and scratchy before the first wash. Now, all sorts of chemicals are used to make sheets feel artificially soft in the package or keep them looking crisp before the sale.

With organic sheets, you can be sure that none of that weird unidentifiable and unmentioned stuff is on your sheets before you unpackage them for the very first time.

9. Made from Natural, Renewable Plant Fibers

Organic sheets are also definitely not contributing to the plastic epidemic. Fabrics like microfiber and polyester tend to include or be made of plastic byproducts, which are a big part of pollution and destroying natural habitats.

Organic bedding, on the other hand, is made from natural plant fibers that are almost always harvested from a stable supply of renewable fields of cotton or fast-growing fields of bamboo. If you've ever had bamboo in your backyard, you know what we're talking about.

10. Sweet Dreams of Mother Nature

Finally, with organic sheets, you get to dream in the sweet, loving arms of mother nature.

For more awesome insights on bedding and how to choose the best bedding for you or your special someone, contact us today.

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