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How To Get Sleep On The Road - A Week In A Hotel

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Getting sleep away from the safe and familiar confines of your bedroom can prove challenging. If you have a nice, comfortable organic natural mattress or supportive memory foam mattress, you know that trying to sleep on a mattress that is either too firm or too soft for a week can be brutal. Add to that the other issues of sleeping in a strange environment and sleeping on the road can prove to be a challenge. Here are some suggestions to get the rest you need when you find yourself away from home.


  • Mattress too firm or too soft? Speak up! Most hotels are prepared for this situation and have solutions, but you have to let them know. Most hotels have toppers to add to the bed to make them softer or rooms with firmer beds. If they don't, you can request extra comforters and use them under the sheets to make the surface softer. If you need firmer, you can always use the toppers they have and some comforters to make a firm bed on the floor
  • Bring your own pillow: Many hotels just have the typical poly-fill pillows, which are not very supportive. This can lead to a stiff neck and tossing and turning. Bringing your own pillow along for the trip can give you some familiarity from home and the support you are used to. I take my Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow on the road with me by rolling it up and tying it in a small compact roll. 
  • Turn out the lights: New and strange sounds and light can keep you from falling asleep and can wake you up during the night. Try to make the room as dark as possible. Seal off any cracks in the curtains and drape towels over any place that light leaks in. If there is a lighted clock simply turn it face down. 
  • Turn off the TV: When you are on the road and you can't sleep it is a big temptation to flip the TV on. But it is not a good idea. The TV will only further stimulate your mind and prevent you from relaxing.

During the last week I slept very well in my hotel room, thanks to a great mattress, a Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop mattress and getting to bed at a decent hour. Keep in mind hotels cycle through new mattresses pretty often, so their mattresses should remain supportive and comfortable for a few years.


Happy Sleeping!