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6 Magical Powers of the Perfect Mattress

Getting better sleep with the perfect mattress

Waking up on the perfect mattress

Did you know your mattress could have magical powers?

Okay, maybe that doesn't mean it can transform a frog into a prince. The powers of a mattress are more subtle, but they exist nonetheless.

We don't pay enough attention to the materials on which we sleep. Too often, we keep the old mattress that has been on our bed for years or has even come as a hand-me-down from extended family. When that happens, we never find out what we're missing.

That's because when it comes down to it, a new mattress has the power to transform the way you sleep. Find the right one, and you can begin to experience these six magical powers of the perfect mattress.

1. Improve Your Sleep

First things first. It might be obvious to mention, but a new mattress is almost guaranteed to improve your sleep. Otherwise, why would you spend the money to get a new one to begin with? Still, it's an important benefit to keep in mind.

Whether you choose a spring, air, water, memory foam, or any other type of mattress, this should be your single most significant deciding factor. If your bed cannot improve your sleep, why should you spend the money on it? Find the right option, and you will sleep deeper, longer, and better.

2. Get Rid of Aches and Pains

Now that we've got the apparent benefit out of the way let's get into the specifics of why that's the case. How can you be sure that a new mattress improves your sleep? The answer is easy: It helps you ease those aches and pains you didn't even know you had.

You might relate. You get out of bed in the morning and feel stiff. Those joints need some time to stop creaking. Regardless of your age, you probably attribute those problems to precisely that. But in fact, an old mattress might be to blame.

Your body has some pressure points that, when pressed, can induce those types of back and joint pains. A new mattress avoids pressuring them, and as a result, offers a more balanced way to rest while keeping your spine in alignment.

3. Reduce Hidden Allergy Teasers

Did you know that you might be allergic to your mattress? It's often subtle, but 20 million Americans (almost 10 percent of the population) are allergic to dust mites. Of course, these are commonly found in and around your bed, providing a hazardous zone that harms your immune system.

A new mattress will not just remove all the dust in your room. It will, however, provide an environment in which that dust is less likely to accumulate. You might even find a hypoallergenic option that rids you of the problem altogether. Either way, you can take care of a problem you could never identify before.

4. Reduce Snoring and Other Annoyances

If you sleep in the same bed as someone else, you're either the annoyer or the annoyed. At least one of you regularly snores, tosses and turns, or steals the sheets. Either way, the one who doesn't typically suffers, along with their sleep and the rest they need before the next day.

Get a new mattress, and voila! All of those problems might disappear. While we can snore for some reasons, a mattress with too much wear and tear leads your body to sink in too far. It prevents regular movement during sleep and promotes snoring.

At the same time, the unevenness of this type of mattress also contributes to the tossing and turning many of us do during the night. You might be so used to it that you think it's just the name of the game at this point. With a new mattress, you will realize that you have the power to do something about it.

5. Get Excited for the Comfort of Bed Time

The benefits of a new mattress don't end with the time you lay on it. Because of the added comfort and less expended energy or pain, your body will begin to look forward to it more. That means when it's time to go to bed, your chances of falling asleep without having to try hard increase significantly.

The excitement, of course, is also conscious. Who doesn't love to lay down in the perfect area of comfort? In other words, that exact comfort is what can help you achieve a more regular and healthy bedtime routine to improve your overall sleep.

6. Take Your Benefits Into Your Day

Finally, imagine the combined possibilities that all of the above factors can bring. As we've discussed in this space, a better sleep leads to improved health, sharper focus, and decreased sleep. And as it turns out, your mattress plays a core part in achieving all of these goals.

When you have a good sleep, you wake up well rested. A lack of snoring turns into a better mood. And of course, fewer aches and pains allow you to get your body started on a much better slate. Combine them all, and you begin to understand how the right mattress can benefit you throughout your day.

How to Find the Perfect Mattress For Your Needs

All of the above points show just how magical a new mattress can be. Even though you don't realize it, your current mattress may be causing you actual pain. That's why it's probably time to look for new alternatives.

But how do you find the right mattress? That is a valid question and one that deserves further consideration. First, don't just go to the first corner mattress store you find. Instead, do your research online. Find out what type of mattress suits you best, and where you can get that perfect mattress to give you better sleep.

Then, write down any questions you might have. And of course, talk to an expert to get your questions answered and make sure you make the right decision. To get that process started, contact us.