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Winterize Your Bed

Categories: winter bedding
For many reading this its already time to start scraping ice off the windshield and layer your clothing. In California, of course, we merely add a jacket and those of us who live in the Berkeley San Francisco area, perhaps a little more rain. But many of you are well-versed in getting ready for the winter chill. Here are some great natural suggestions no matter where in the world you live.


Organic Flannel Sheets

With US grown cotton and US milling, Organic Cotton Flannel Sheets are a great addition to your bed in the winter months. The thick and heavier material is more insulating and yet still breathable. Organic sheets? It means the cotton was grown without pesticides and processed without toxic chemicals. If you have a non-toxic memory foam mattress or organic natural mattress, organic flannel sheets are a great addition. 

Natural or Organic Wool or Kapok Comforter

A nice thick and weighty wool or kapok comforter can add just the right amount of insulation to your organic bedroom. Wool is the ideal material for regulating body temperature, but kapok can be a nice alternative to the animal-derived wool. Both can be covered with a flannel duvet made of organic cotton for a luxurious and organically warm winter bed.

Organic Cotton Blankets

Organic Cotton Blankets are the perfect layering choice for your organic sleep environment as they are medium weight, reasonably priced, stylish and effective at providing breathable warmth. You won't find yourself sweating with cotton blankets, unlike down and feather comforters or synthetic blankets. 

Wool Blankets

Like wool comforters, wool blankets can provide breathable comfort and weight, keeping the warmth inside. A good organic mattress or memory foam mattress will allow your body to remain cool and dry. Warm rises, so breathable yet insulating materials above you provide the insulating warmth you desire when the surrounding environment is chilly.
Winter is upon us, and filling your bedroom full of organic bedding goodness is imperative if you care about your indoor air quality and the materials coming in contact with your skin. Young children and pets are even more susceptible due to their lesser body mass. You can find all of these materials at your friendly local Nest Bedding store in the Berkeley Albany area in the San Francisco Bay Area in California or online at