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DIY Dog Beds That'll Keep Them Out of Yours

French Bulldogs love DIY dog beds

French Bulldogs love DIY dog beds

We love our dogs and want them to have a cozy, comfortable place to sleep. We don't want it to always be in our bed! There are many creative ways to let your dogs sleep in the bedroom with you without having them hog the pillows or rake your leg with their nails. We'll show you DIY options for dog beds you and your dogs will love.

Some dogs like to chew on new things, and yes, Rover, we're talking about you! If your dog is like Rover, you might want to spray his new bed with Bitter Apple spray. It's harmless to pets, but most dogs loathe the flavor of it. All of a sudden, that tasty new bed is more fun to lie on than chew!

Create a Fabric Bed With (Almost) No Sewing

Make a soft, comfy fleece bed with no sewing. That's right; your pet will snooze away on an overstuffed bed you put together with nothing more than fabric fleece, measuring tape, scissors, and stuffing! Use fleece which coordinates with your bedding. Or, have some fun with colors and patterns.

What do you get when you combine an inexpensive foam mattress topper, oversized beach towels, a little Velcro, and rudimentary sewing skills? A cushy, colorful dog bed!

Practice Those Sewing Skills

Does your dog hog the blankets? Some dogs love to sleep buried in a heap of blankets. This 'burrow' bed lets them enjoy the cozy feel of a blanket nest without the ugly mess of scattered and tangled blankets.

Ben will appreciate a fluffy, fleece 'bean bag' style dog bed. He'll enjoy the extra padding (and height!) of his new bed with a view.

Cuddle your small pet to sleep in the arms of a sweater bed made from one of your old sweaters. It is a great way to repurpose a favorite wool sweater which accidentally ended up in the laundry. If you can't 'unshrink' it, turn it into a pet bed!

Sew a tailored dog bed for sophisticated Suzy. She'll appreciate the sleek, stylish design coupled with cushioned comfort.

Does your pet already have a comfortable bed? Maybe it's an expensive version with orthopedic foam or heat. In that case, you may not want to replace the bed, but you might want a more stylish cover. The Spoonflower blog has directions for sewing a new cover for an existing bed. You can even make a spare cover, so it's easier to keep things smelling fresh in the bedroom.

Upcycled Dog Bed Perfection

Turn an old headboard and footboard into a stylish bed of their own for a whole pack of privileged pooches.

Give Foxy a 4-poster of her own with a repurposed end table turned on its head. Use coordinated fabrics to create an upscale canopy bed for your little Princess.

Turn a dated octagonal end table into a stylish and cozy cottage for your pampered pet. Pictures on the wall are optional!

Do you have an old console TV cabinet? Turn it into an elegant curtained bedchamber for four-legged royalty if he's already named Prince, so much the better!

Turn a wine barrel into a chic dog bed for your pampered pet. The half barrels are widely available as rustic, yet stylish, planters.

A small dresser can become a combination nightstand and doggie den when you remove the bottom drawers to make room for Lucy.

Crates are essential pieces of dog furniture but lack style! Now you can turn a nightstand (maybe the one above?) into a crate for a puppy or smaller dog. If your dog is bigger, use a side table. Check out these variations for inspiration when creating your pet's table crate. If you can find one which is the right size, a table with a drawer makes it even more useful.  

Building a Dog Bed From Scratch

If you can't find the right size table for an upcycled bedside table/dog crate, you can always make it yourself. That gives you the option to customize it however you want. We highly recommend adding a drawer for extra storage.

When your older dog can't make it onto your bed anymore, having her very own 'people' bed will make her still feel special. This doggie daybed is perfect for that. It's also great if you have a large dog or several dogs who like to sleep in a heap. This version even has a built-in storage compartment for toys or a bedtime treat!

Short of room in your bedroom? Murphy beds have been a popular bed option for humans living in tight spaces for over a century. Why not build a Murphy dog bed for your very own Murphy the Mutt? If you have more than one dog, make matching Murphy beds.

Create a stylish, wood frame bed for your larger dog. It has the appealing, rustic look of something made from barn or pallet wood without the drawbacks. For a smaller wooden bed with a more refined look, follow the instructions at the Build-Basic blog.

Adding stylish legs will elevate the wooden bed slightly, making it easier to clean under it. For the more massive bed, add additional legs in the center area for the extra support a more substantial and more massive bed (and dog!) will need. Another option is to build the legs in place as you're making the bed.

Have you seen those funny videos of dogs bouncing on trampolines? Well, give your beloved pooch a bouncy bed to love. Don't worry; he won't wake you up at night with his bed bouncing antics! The bed has just enough 'spring' to provide the support which is especially necessary for larger dogs.

The Final 'Woof'

Is your pet a Chihuahua, Great Dane, or somewhere in between? If you're not sure just how big to make that new dog bed, this dog bed size chart can help.

For even more fun ideas, read DIY for Your Dog: 30 Toys, Treats, and Treasures to Make by Rachelle Blondel. It's divided into four sections called Eat, Nest, Play, and Wear. You're sure to find something for every dog in your life in at least one of those sections.

Maybe you'd like to treat your pet to a luxurious new bed, but don't have the time or energy for another DIY project. Let us help! We have a new line of Nest Bedding Dog Beds your pooch will love. Our bolstered bed is stuffed with recycled plastic and is 100% green. The sturdy cotton canvas cover creates the perfect 'dog nest' to snuggle into for a nice long nap.

Our wool beds feature the same eco-friendly fill encased in canvas but with a cozy wool top. Either style can be machine washed and hung to dry. We're confident you and your pet will love our beds. We're also convinced they'll withstand the wear and tear that's a natural result of being your dog's favorite bed. That's why we offer a 2-year warranty on all of our Nest Bedding Pet Beds! Contact us for more information.