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Can’t Sleep? 15 Celebrity Routines for Better Sleep

celebrity bedtime routines for a red carpet look when you can't sleep

celebrity bedtime routines for a red carpet look when you can't sleep

Sometimes not being able to sleep is simply a matter of developing a bedtime routine. A bedtime ritual is just as essential as a morning routine. Why? How much and how well you will sleep is frequently established by whatever it is you do just before going to bed. Likewise, the final thing you do impacts your energy level and mood the next day.

While everyone's bedtime routine may be different, we all have the same goal in the end: to wind down at the end of your busy day. Maybe part of winding down is watching your favorite celebrity in your favorite movie. So it got us thinking…what do famous people do for their nighttime routines to help them relax and fall asleep quickly? We think you'll find these quite interesting, especially if you can’t sleep at night. In fact, these habits range from normal to just plain weird!

Arianna Huffington

The Editor-in-Chief at Huffington Post prefers to decompress by reading a good book in her canopy bed—a real book you hold in your hands, not an e-book. She believes all electronic devices should be kept out of her bedroom and urges others to do the same. She became a promoter of sleep and wrote a book called The Sleep Revolution after she fainted from exhaustion in 2007. Arianna also only wears bedtime clothing to bed—no old t-shirts.

Emma Roberts

Like Arianna, this actress loves curling up with a magazine or book right before bed. Her mom used to read to her at bedtime when Emma was a little girl so she decided to carry on the ritual. Aw, how sweet!

Bill Gates

The Microsoft founder is also an avid nighttime reader. It doesn't matter what time he gets home, he always reads for at least one hour before retiring to bed. He enjoys reading different subjects ranging from politics and business to climate change and healthcare. Those topics will definitely lull you to sleep!

Okay, those are some of the readers. Let's see what other celebrities do before bed.

Gwyneth Paltrow

You wouldn't think an actress would use something you can buy in Walmart or a drugstore. But Gwyneth loves unwinding in an Epsom salt bath each night. Other magnificent bath items to help induce relaxation are lavender essential oil and Pink Himalayan sea salt. Gwyneth also swears by a pressure point massage to end her busy day. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Stephen King

The "Master of Horror" has a rather unusual bedtime routine. First, he brushes his teeth then he washes his hands. Why? Well, he's not really sure. Also before laying his head down on his pillows for the night, he makes sure the openings of the pillowcases are facing towards the other side of his bed. Hmm….maybe he's afraid one of his creepy book characters will crawl out of the pillowcase!

Oprah Winfrey

Even though Oprah adores her baths as much as Gwyneth, Oprah also likes to meditate before bed. She created a meditation app with Deepak called Oprah & Deepak's 21 Day Meditation Experience (it's an entire series). She also suggests these other two meditation apps: Headspace and The Mindfulness App.

Mariah Carey

This singer has been reported to need around 15 hours of sleep every night—wow! If that's not odd enough, it's also been stated that each night she turns on 20 humidifiers around her bed. According to Mariah, the humidifiers put moisture in the air, help with sore throats and keep her singing voice smooth. You'd think her steam room bedroom would have a problem with mildew, right? But this diva's on top of things! Her bedroom ceilings are pitched to allow the condensation to drip down and not bother Mariah while she slumbers.

Ellen Degeneres

She was once skeptical but now this talk show host/comedian has made transcendental meditation her bedtime habit. Ellen takes about 15-20 minutes each night to close her eyes, focus on her individual goals and repeat a particular mantra. This helps her to ease any anxiety and relax. Is there any better way to fall into a peaceful sleep?

Tom Cruise

Celebrities aren't any different than the rest of us—they eat and sleep, some have health issues and snore. Tom is a horrible snorer but it doesn't seem to bother anyone in his household. Why? The actor's/producer's bedtime routine consists of sleeping in a room he transformed from a nursery into a "snoratorium." The room is comfortable but dark, small and soundproof. Not a sound can be heard outside the locked room; so Tom's free to snore deeply and loudly without disturbing a soul.


Believe it or not, Beyonce has a difficult time turning off her mind before bed. So how is this singer able to get her shut-eye? She makes sure every day is filled with all kinds of activities such as swimming. She feels it's impossible not to go to sleep if your day keeps you very active.


Since this rapper is always sleeping in different time zones, he requires a dark room to drift off. So he takes aluminum foil and tapes it to all the hotel bedroom windows. Journeying through various time zones can be stressful on a body, so Eminem falls asleep listening to white noise which improves his quality of sleep.

Blake Lively

There are two things this Gossip Girl star loves: food and fashion. One food item she just can't live without is chocolate. She just absolutely must have some dark chocolate squares to munch on before going to bed—and she starts every morning with one cup of hot chocolate. That's a dedicated chocolate lover!

Michael Phelps

This Olympian's bedtime habit gives "climb into bed" a whole new meaning! When he goes into his bedroom he must climb 8,500-9,000 feet to reach his bed which is in an enclosed chamber. Holy cow! This chamber presumably helps his swimming performance. How? It decreases his oxygen which pushes his body to keep working. So he's even training in his sleep!

Drew Barrymore

Like most actresses, Drew has a skincare routine before going to bed. Every night after doing this routine, she applies a soft black pencil to her lower, outer eyelashes. Yes, she sleeps with this liner on. She states it provides the ideal amount of smeared eye makeup when she awakens each morning. She'll actually receive compliments on her makeup even if she hasn't done anything!

Lady Gaga

If you think you've read all the quirky bedtime rituals, you haven't read anything yet! Back in 2011, it was reported that the pop singer slept in the egg device she was seen in at the Grammy's that year. Apparently, she felt quite "at home" in it and did a lot of meditation in the apparatus as well. Does Lady still sleep in the egg? No one knows for sure but it's a definite possibility!

While some of these bedtime routines are pretty far out there, other habits sound soothing! You might even consider trying a few yourself if you can’t sleep comfortably. If you'd like to discuss more terrific tips for getting to sleep (or any other sleep topic), please contact us today.