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Do Animals Sleep Like Humans? The Connection Between You and Your Pets

pet cat sleeping at foot of bed
Scientists have long researched animals to understand more about human disease, behavior, the brain, and more. Animal sleep habits are one area that is of particular interest to researchers. It sheds some light on how humans are affected by sleep or a lack thereof. So, do animals sleep like humans? Let's find out.

DIY Dog Beds That'll Keep Them Out of Yours

French Bulldogs love DIY dog beds
We love our dogs and want them to have a cozy, comfortable place to sleep. We just don't want it to always be in our bed! There are many creative ways to let your dogs sleep in the bedroom without having them hog the pillows wake you up every night. We'll show you DIY options for dog beds you and your dog will love!

Is Your Dog Sleeping in Bed With You?

dog sleeping in bed with family
Some pet owners adore their furry friends but would never let shedding and claws come into contact with their fine furniture. While others snuggle on the couch together and, more impactfully, allow their pets up into the bed at night. We offer some words of wisdom for the ongoing debate on having pets in your bed.

The Pros and Cons of Sharing a Bed With Your Pets

A couple sharing a bed with a dog
Should you let your pets sleep in the same bed as you? Experts say think twice. Here's what to keep in mind when you can't say no to those puppy dog eyes.


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