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Moving Out? 7 Tips for Successfully Packing Your Bedroom

Moving Out? 7 Tips for Successfully Packing Your Bedroom

Getting everyone taking ownership of their room when moving creates a better experience. It's easier on the family and movers since things go in boxes based on personal needs and preferences.

Essentially it's this... people are more inclined to get it done since it's their stuff.

So then what about packing your bedroom? What can you do to make sure everything gets to the new location in one piece? Well, check out the tips, tricks, and suggestions found in this post to make moving a breeze.

1. Declutter All the Things

Packing and moving a room is infinitely easier when there's less stuff. Nows your chance to be free from all those gizmos and trinkets taking up space.

Try a three pile method to your decluttering:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Dump

The labels are self-explanatory though you can go more in-depth if needed.

You'll begin this decluttering (ideally) weeks in advance. This gives you plenty of time to sort through what you'll keep and what goes. You'll also have time to get stuff to donation locations (to give a little back to the community).

The best part? You use this time to organize things for the move (more on this later).

2. Get Quality Supplies

Moving isn't fun when you cheap out (aka. random boxes from a liquor store). Give yourself a few extra bucks for that bedroom packing budget. 

Invest in quality supplies like:

  • Sturdy boxes (of all sizes)
  • Specialty boxes for fragile items
  • Labels for boxes
  • Heavy-duty packing tape
  • Plastic and bubble wrap
  • Dollies and/or carts
  • Moving blankets

You're bound to move a few times throughout your life. These items will come in handy each time you move - so see them as an investment. Or, you could always recoup some costs by selling them on OfferUp or LetGo.

3. Categorize Your Stuff

Remember how you decluttered before packing? Hopefully, things are still organized from this activity. Else, take as much time as you need to do it again.

Try categorizing stuff like so:

  • Personal/private items
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Odds and ends
  • Paperwork

...and so on.

Think of your bedroom the way you'd pack the whole home: by zones. 

You aren't as likely to break things when they're labeled and organized. It'll also make unpacking quick and fun since you prioritize what's needed.

Doing it this way also means you can start getting stuff over in batches. The stuff you don't immediately need makes its way over. The stuff you use every day stays until the moving day.

4. Don't Overdo It

There's going to be room in the moving truck and your vehicle. Keep this in mind when packing stuff into boxes, bags, and whatnot. 

Why? Because overpacking:

  • Creates heavier, difficult boxes to carry
  • Puts pressure on stuff, causing damages

Get a handful of extra boxes so you can keep the trips light. This also lets you add more packing stuffers so things are safe in transit. You may have a few extra things to carry but your back (and wallet) will certainly be happy about it!

Keeping things light also makes it easier for those helping. You aren't having poor grandma lifting a 50lb box, carrying it down a flight of stairs. 

Want a suggestion? Keep boxes under 25lbs - you'll definitely notice the difference.

5. Clean as You Go

Cleaning as you go means less of a mess once everything is out of the room. It also means more time to tidy up stuff so you can get the deposit back (if renting).

What should you clean when getting the room together for a move? Consider:

  • Wiping down the walls of stains and grime
  • Using carpet/floor cleaner on tough spots
  • Dusting all the little nooks and crannies
  • Getting the windows squeaky clean
  • Touching up paint and blemishes

You could swing back around to do a second, deeper cleaning once everything is out. Doing so lets you check off the room completely. That's one less worry for the move.

6. Get the Big Stuff Out

There's not much to the bigger items as far as packing goes.

These items could include the:

  • Bed + frame
  • Nightstand(s)
  • Dresser
  • Lamps
  • TV

Moving a mattress is the most difficult out of this bunch. But, it's actually easy to move once you know what to do:

  1. Wrap the mattress with a cover
  2. Repeat this for the box spring(s)
  3. Put bedding into bags
  4. Fold-down and tape the frame parts
  5. Use a dolly to get the mattress to the truck
  6. Tie-down the mattress + frame

The other items could get the same treatment but with moving blankets. Or, you could wrap cardboard around items so they don't get stretched in transit.

The point is to free up lots of space by getting the big stuff out of the way. It also means front-loading the moving truck which helps with road safety.

7. Have Pros Do (Most Of) It

DIY or use professional movers...

...that's the big question, yeah?

DIYing your packing and moving means you're saving money. Yet, you're now taking on that challenge and frustration. Movers cost money but mean you can kick back while they do the heavy lifting (literally).

Find a nice balance:

  • Pack the important stuff yourself
  • Consider pros for the heavier things

See what you can pack in your vehicle or rental truck. Transport delicate and expensive things while movers get furniture and large boxes. This is a smart choice when working with pros that charge by the hour. 

Take Ownership of Packing Your Bedroom

Only you know what and where things need to go when packing your bedroom. Taking ownership of your stuff makes the moving experience way easier for everyone.

Do your part and get everyone else in your home on the same page with their task.

What else can you do to make moving a breeze? Check the other helpful lifestyle tips and guides we've shared on the blog.

See ya at your new place!