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8 Things to Include for the Perfect Master Suite

A warm and inviting master suite bedroom

A warm and inviting master suite bedroom

A master suite is more than just a place to sleep. It is a respite from the stressors of the world around you and an expression of your personal style. It is a place to entertain those who are special to you and take a breath from the world's problems.

To build the perfect master suite environment, there are eight things that are essential. Selecting each one depends on a special set of circumstances. Let’s take a look.

1. The Bed

The bed you choose for your master suite must be comfortable and healing. No lumps, bumps or poking springs. Consider a foam mattress to avoid painful spring protrusions. Ensure it is big enough to accommodate yourself and anyone you invite into your personal space. The correct mattress will support your body in perfect alignment. A mattress that is too firm will press on the pressure points and misalign your body, leaving you sore and achy in the morning.

When choosing headboards and footboards, go for a style and color that match the decor of the room. The shape of the headboard should work with the form of the décor. A sleek, modern decorating style pairs perfectly with a simple rectangle shaped headboard.

2. The Artwork

The artwork you hang on the walls of your master suite should express your personality and interests. Artwork doesn't have to be expensive. If you have a favorite artist, you can always choose an inexpensive print of their work instead of an original. Family photos and pictures of unique vacations make great additions to any master suite as well. The colors intertwined in the artwork you display must be consistent with your bedclothes, floor, and wallcovering. Use ordinary materials throughout the room to give it a connected and unifying feel. Apply the same style to all the artwork you have in the entire room.

3. Quality Bedding and Towels

Cheap, flimsy towels and bedding have no place in a master suite. They should be thick cotton or a polyester blend. Natural fibers such as silk, linen, and bamboo are also excellent choices that are less expensive but have a quality appearance and feel. Match the color of the sheets to the comforter and pillows.

Choose colors that match your window coverings and even the floor covering to make a tailored, designer look. If thread count is important to you, you'll want sheets with at least a 400-thread count. The fabric becomes stronger with more threads per inch.

4. A Valet for Valuables

Every master suite should have a valet of some sort. It keeps your valuables such as jewelry, wallet, and cufflinks in a convenient place but also allows you to hang your clothes easily. A valet will keep your shirts, pants, and suit jackets wrinkle-free and ready to be worn. If you have expensive clothes or an outfit that is special, a valet can help preserve it in pristine condition.

While it is a bit outdated, a valet looks distinguished and adds class to your perfect master suite. It makes it easier to dress and keeps your clothes pristine and for the next day. They can be a bit hard to find since not too many people use them anymore. Try an antique store or a furniture store. They can be very simple with just a few hanging bars and a shoe shelf. They can also be elaborate with a jewelry carrier and thick suit hangers.

5. A Music System

After a long day at work or a lazy weekend afternoon, there is nothing better than a quality sound system to enjoy your favorite songs on. If you have overnight company, the soft sounds of jazz coming from superior speakers is a nice touch. Consider a smart system that is voice controlled. With one voice command, you can tune in a station or play a specific song.

Determine your needs and establish a budget before choosing a music system. How often will you use it? Will you use it for background music or critical listening? These are important things to know before you begin to shop. Research and compare components and prices. Have a list of your most important questions ready for the salesperson when you visit the stores.

6. Excellent Flooring

Whether you choose carpet, wood, or vinyl flooring, you'll want to choose durability over value. Cheap flooring will look shoddy before you know it and have to be replaced often. An excellent floor covering adds an element of class and sophistication to a master suite that it immediately noticeable.

You'll need to know the type of room the flooring will go in before you choose it. Is it a high or medium moisture area? If so, you should go with a porcelain or ceramic tile, concrete, or vinyl sheets. If there is little or no moisture in the room, you'll have a wider selection.

Pets and children also make a difference in your choice. If you have either, you'll want a wear-resistant flooring. Finally, measure your square footage to be covered and decide on your budget before you begin to shop.

7. Privacy Window Coverings

Whether you are sleeping or entertaining, you'll want your business to stay your own. Living in a larger city makes it harder to keep your home private, but your master suite is a must for a private area. Purchase blinds and curtains that cover entirely and give you the darkness you need at any time of day. Some can completely block out any light at all. Perfect for people who work at night and sleep during the day.

8. A Charging Station

In today's technological world, we are always worried about running out of power to our devices. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers are part of our everyday life. Running out of battery power at the wrong moment can cost time and money. But keeping your charging cable by your pillow is sure to keep you tossing and turning all night. A complete charging station kept away from the bed is a smart addition to any master suite.

Whatever you include in your perfect master suite, make sure it represents your style and comforts. It should be the one place in your home where you and anyone you share it with feel comfortable and calm. For more ideas, contact one of our professionals today.