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Simple Strategies for Getting a Better Night's Sleep

Practicing meditation for getting a better night's sleep

Practicing meditation for getting a better night's sleep

A night of tossing and turning can be one of your worst nightmares. Often, people spend hundreds of dollars on items hoping it will get them a better night's sleep.

Before you spend another sleepless night, or another dollar on a half-baked idea, take a moment to review these strategies for getting a better night's sleep. Many of them are free or low cost and can be quite useful in helping you find relief for your restless nights.

Mindful Meditation

One of the simplest ways to create an atmosphere for sleep is to clear your mind of any thoughts from the day. Mindful meditation doesn't have to be performed in bed but can be done anytime during the day. Just the act of clearing your mind creates a sense of calm and peacefulness you can carry throughout the day. If you prefer, you can check out mindfulness apps in the app store to help you out. For more information on mindful meditation, check out this article in Fitness Magazine.

Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

Breathing exercises not only relax the mind but relax the circulatory system and calm the senses. As you lay in bed, practice breathing in slowly through your nose for five or six seconds, hold your breath and then let it out through your mouth for the same length of time. This slow pattern breathing will help you center your thoughts. For more information on how you can practice a variety of breathing exercises, also known as Pranayama Breathing in yoga, check out Yoga Journal's Website.

Natural Remedies

We all know that drinking caffeine and alcohol before bed can wreak havoc on our bodies and sleeping patterns. So what are the natural remedies that can help us fall asleep and stay asleep? Warm milk and tea are not just for older folks. They have the calming and soothing effects that most adults crave. Other natural factors like melatonin and tryptophan can be found naturally in foods like bananas, turkey. For a list of different foods to consider, check out the National Sleep Foundation's Website.

White Noise

If you are one of the many parents looking not to interrupt your children's sleep during nap time, then chances are you have some experience with a noise cancellation device. The idea behind using one of these is that it creates a steady stream of sound that will effectively mask any outside noises. It is especially pertinent for when our bodies float in and out of deep sleep. During the lighter stages of sleep, external sounds can easily wake us up. You can purchase a machine specifically for this purpose or download an app, most often for free. Think about using this the next time you are in a hotel room and may be looking to drown out the party next door.

Keep to a Regular Schedule

Many of us think that we can pull all-nighters during the week or have a raging Friday night and sleep in on the weekend. It could not be further from the truth. Experts agree that keeping to a regular schedule is essential for developing your circadian rhythm. That is your internal clock that tells your brain when it is time to go to bed and when it is time to wake up. If you try to move your wake up time too early, you end up waking up in the middle of deep sleep portion of your sleep and tend to be groggy for a while. If you head to bed too late, you may be trying to fall asleep during your naturally lighter periods of sleep. Pick a time that you can stick to and ensure that you are getting about 8 hours of restful sleep.

Soothing Scents

Filling your room with soothing scents can help calm your senses. Prevention magazine put together a list of 10 products to help you accomplish that dream-like scent in your bedroom. Whether you are looking for a diffuser or candle, sachet or spray, be sure to include the following scents in your shopping cart for a restful night's sleep: lavender, lemongrass, vanilla, basil, sage, citrus, chamomile, and eucalyptus. Nest Bedding also offers a calming chamomile mask that provides moisture for your skin with the added relaxing scent of chamomile. Be sure to add this to your cart for the most relaxing bedtime routine.

Keep Your Bed Free of Pets

Many sleep experts will tell you that sleeping with Fido in the bed is a sure way to ensure a night of restless sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that pets find their sleeping accommodations for the night. Whether sleeping with pets induces allergic reactions or the risk of the kinds of bacteria they can bring into your bed, the NSF suggests pets have their place to relax. Luckily, Nest Bedding provides luxury pet beds. Pet beds can be placed in your room or outside your room. But for your best night’s sleep, you might consider finding a place outside your room.

Keep Your Room Cool

Keeping your room at a temperature somewhere around 65 degrees is the optimum temperature for a good night of rest. If you find that your place is too warm and you are unable to reach a comfortable temperature, try Nest Bedding® Alexander Signature Cooling Topper. This SmartFlow Gel Memory Foam mattress is just 2" in height and weighs only 3 lbs. It provides the added comfort you may need for your current bed with the combined cooling effect to help your body find the right temperature.

Contact us at Nest Bedding to help you get a good night's sleep. We would love to help you solve your sleep problems. Let's us know what you are looking for, and we will work together to help get you on track for a restful night's sleep.