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Good Bedtime Routines to Help You Sleep Better

woman drinking tea before bedtime routines
There is nothing better than waking up and feeling refreshed. Unfortunately, most people don't wake up feeling that way regularly. Instead of feeling ready to take on the world, they are exhausted. If you fall into that category, here are some excellent bedtime routines to help you sleep better.

Why You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night (and What to Do About It)

man wondering what to do when you wake up in the middle of the night
After following your bedtime routine and falling asleep as usual, you can’t help but wake up in the middle of the night. Does this sound familiar? We'll cover seven of the leading reasons why people wake up in the middle of the night and a few tips on how to achieve relaxing, continuous sleep.

How to Get A Good Night's Sleep During Pregnancy

pregnant woman getting sleep during pregnancy
One of the most frustrating parts of pregnancy is the exhaustion, yet pregnant women find it increasingly difficult to sleep as the months roll past. Thankfully, there are some things expecting mothers can do to get better sleep during pregnancy. First, let's talk about why it's so hard to get a good night's sleep.

5 Questions Answered About Getting a Good Night's Sleep

questions answered about getting a good night's sleep
Everyone has their own way of approaching bedtime. But does it really matter in the end how you get ready to doze off or whether you have a routine or not? Does it only matter that you get beauty sleep? Here are 5 common questions answered about getting a good night's sleep.

Simple Strategies for Getting a Better Night's Sleep

Practicing meditation for getting a better night's sleep
A night of tossing and turning can be one of your worst nightmares. Don't spend another night stressing. Try these simple (and totally affordable) techniques for getting a better night's sleep.

Everything You Didn't Know About a Good Night's Sleep

Employee sleeping at desk needs a good night's sleep
Sleep is the one thing we all have in common. Some of us do it more than others. And scientists thought this nightly ritual to be somewhat of a mystery—at least until 25 years ago. Let's explore things you never knew about how to get a good night’s sleep.

The Unsurprising Links Between Stress and Lack of Sleep

Man awake at night because of stress and lack of sleep
There is no avoiding stress. But when stress and lack of sleep take over your day-to-day, it's time for a change. Here's how stress affects your body and little changes you can make tonight to get a better night's sleep. Chill out and sleep on!

How to Get All the Health Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep

Sleepy woman feeling the health benefits of a good night's sleep
What exactly happens to our bodies while we're sleeping? We'll break it down for you and show you exactly how to get all the health benefits of a good night's sleep.

7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Treat A Cold

Woman sneezing
Getting sick is just part life, but knowing how to treat a cold can put the spring back in your step sooner. Read on for tips on sleeping better and recovering faster.

9 Essential Steps to Stop Snoring

How to stop snoring in bed and sleep better
What do you do when you just can't stop snoring? Learn about the best nine tips for natural remedies and lifestyle changes to help you and your loved ones stop snoring for good.

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Waking up after a good night's sleep
Curious how much a good night's sleep really matters? Find out how your sleep patterns can have a surprising effect on the rest of your day.


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