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10 Reasons to Travel with an Extra Set of Sheets

woman lounging across bed with extra set of sheets
Travel gurus everywhere swear by their minimalist packing lists and ways to get to sleep away from home. But the one thing missing from these lists of travel tips is an extra set of sheets. Here are our top ten reasons to always travel with one or two flat sheets.

12 Illuminating Facts You Need to Know About Your Bedding

Stack of bed sheets
Most likely you're aware that a third of our lives are spent in bed—that's a lot of time in bed! But did you know that one of the causes of a good night's sleep is your sheets, pillows, and comforters? So we're enlightening you with 12 facts about beds, bedding, and how to make the most of your time in dreamland.

How Can I Prevent My Sheets From Pilling?

Pilling is when those annoying little balls of material develop on your cotton sheets after a few trips to the wash and dry. When sheets develop pills they can be unsightly and uncomfortable, causing your sheets to become scratchy. However, you can prevent pilling on organic cotton sheets or any type of cotton sheets by practicing proper care and by purchasing the right kind of sheets to begin with.


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