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Can't Sleep? Here Are 5 Ways to Sleep Better Like the POTUS

White House in Washington D.C.
The residents of the White House have some great sleep lessons for all of us. No matter what you're political view is, everyone can learn new ways to sleep better from these sleep habits of our presidents.

Meditation vs Sleep: Noteable Similarities and Surprising Differences

close up woman in zen zone meditation vs sleep
Deep sleep and meditation have many similarities in terms of the benefits they provide to the body and mind. But there are also some crucial differences between them. Let's explore meditation vs. sleep and their impressive power to restore and revitalize the body and mind.

Do People in Other Cities Get More Sleep Than I Do?

boats moored before melbourne skyline
Most of us don't give much thought to the link between geographic location and sleep. However, research and scientific studies show citizens of certain cities get more sleep per capita than others. Let's talk about where they are, what causes those differences, and what can you do to get more sleep—other than move.

19 Fascinating Facts About Beds, Bedding and the History of Sleep

woman laughing on bed with messy hair
What's the one place in your home where you can rest in comfort and shed the cares of your stressful day? Your bedroom! We all love our bed and the zzz's we catch there, but how much do we really know about this grand piece of furniture? Here are a handful of fun facts about beds, bedding, and the history of sleep.

Somniloquy: What Does Talking in Your Sleep Mean?

talking in your sleep at a childhood sleepover
Talking in your sleep is one of the most harmless and amusing mysteries of sleep, one that many people have marveled at while listening to a sibling, friend, or romantic partner go on about nothing while clearly being fully unconscious. Ever curious, we dug deeper to learn what talking in your sleep actually means.

All About the Language of Sleep

Father reading bedtime story to son which is the language of sleep
All living beings need sleep to survive, so it's perfectly natural that we all talk about sleep. In fact, our language incorporates sleep in a lot of fun and interesting ways. Let's begin our study of the language of sleep by finding out some of the old mythology that gave us some interesting sleep words.


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