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The Complete Guide to Nest Mattress Care: Everything You Need to Know

The Complete Guide to Nest Mattress Care: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for ways to keep your nest mattress working for as long as possible? Sleep disorder prescriptions increased by almost 15 percent from 2019 to 2020. 

Much of productivity has to do with how well you sleep. A quality mattress helps you get the best rest possible. Keep reading our guide for everything about nest mattress care.

Nest Mattress Care With Protectors

One of the ways to focus on nest mattress care is to keep the mattress clean. You may think that sheets and bedding are enough to keep the mattress from getting dirty. That is not always the case because spills and accidents can leak through regular bed covers. 

When we sleep, we also sweat. That moisture can get to the mattress if there is no protection. Mattress covers and protectors provide breathable protection to keep it clean. A protector will also keep dust mites and dead skins cells away from the mattress.

There are different choices of mattress covers and protectors. You can get a cooling mattress protector for warm sleepers. There are also waterproof covers that protect it from spills and sweat. 

Mattress Cleaning Products

When it comes to regular mattress maintenance, cleaning is crucial. If you spill something, go ahead and remove all the bedding off the mattress. Waiting could end up leaving a stain and letting the liquid have time to permeate. 

You can use a clean towel to blot the area. Nest mattress care doesn't need a heavy cleaning product. After dabbing the spot, let it air dry before putting the sheets back. 

It may take a few times of spot cleaning the area to get the stain out. Continue to blot until you see no moisture on the towel. Do not rub the stain area because that could tear the mattress and worsen the problem. 

If there is still a stain, a cleaning service will have mattress cleaning products. The longer a bed stain remains, the harder it gets to clean that area, so timing matters. Try to get the cleaning services to come soon if possible. 

Sheets and Bedding

Part of your nest mattress care will be how you care for your sheets and bedding. Dirty sheets and bedding can trap dirt and allergens and end up on your mattress. 

Dirty bedding can also retain bacteria. That could lead to illness and skin breakouts. You want to keep your sheets and bedding clean without overdoing it because that could lead to dry skin.

You don't want to let your bedding go longer than four weeks without cleaning them. Your sheets need to get washed sooner because they touch your skin every night.

Wash your sheets in cold water every one to two weeks with the detergent of your choice. You never have to use dryer sheets if they bother you. Bed sheets need frequent laundering for proper nest mattress care. 

It is a good practice to check your comforter for stains every time you wash your bedding. If you find any mattress stains, you can use some Shout and a toothbrush to clean the area. 

You can wash the comforter every three to four weeks in cold water. Most comforters will need a washer that can handle a large capacity load since they are thick. Once the wash cycle is complete, hang the comforter up and allow it time to air dry. 

Don't forget to wash the mattress covers and protectors. Some protectors never get cleaned, but that is where oil and other materials gather. A clean protector will provide a strong surface between the sheets and the mattress.

Mattress Bed Frame

A mattress bed frame is vital to nest mattress care because it supports the bed. A quality bed frame stops motion travel with your mattress. 

A mattress bed frame can be metal or wood. You can also get different heights and styles depending on your tastes. 

You can think of the mattress bed frame as the foundation. It provides your nest mattress care by giving it a supportive structure. 

A mattress bed frame also helps to distribute body weight at even points across the bed. That helps keep it from sagging and can make it last longer.

The level foundation will provide more comfort for your back and neck. That will help keep you from waking with pain. 

Having mattress support can also provide better quality air circulation. That will allow the mattress room to breathe. The air flowing through can keep smells out, and it will stop mold from growing inside the mattress materials.

Regular Mattress Maintenance

Regular mattress maintenance helps keep your mattress lasting a long time. One-sided mattresses will not need to get flipped, but they can all benefit from rotation. 

You can read the nest mattress care warranty for regular mattress maintenance instructions. Most recommendations encourage rotating your mattress at least every six months. You will move the mattress 180 degrees from the head to the foot of the bed.

Rotating your mattress helps it not wear down in uneven patterns. That will provide a more comfortable bed that retains quality. It will also ensure it keeps an even, smooth shape for a long time. 

Regular mattress maintenance also means you take care when moving the bed. If you must move or adjust the mattress, remember that bending or twisting it could damage it. Never store the mattress in a folded or unlevel position. 

Always follow the instructions that come with your nest mattress care guides. Proper care will keep the glued layers from separating. The glue holds the foam layers together and will keep your mattress lasting longer. 

Mattress Investment

A quality mattress is an investment in your health. You deserve quality sleep to stay healthy, and it begins with a comfortable bed mattress. 

When you get the perfect mattress for your needs, you want to maintain the quality for a long time. Proper nest mattress care will give you everlasting comfort and satisfaction. If you are ready to try out a luxury mattress, contact us today to speak to a nest customer service expert!