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Review of the Natural Silk Elegance

Categories: mattress reviews

As the owner of a mattress store, it falls to me to actually test each and every one of our products and mattresses. After all, I am the one person responsible for ordering and suggesting sleep solutions for my customers, so I should have first hand experience.

Over the weekend, I swapped out my last mattress with the Natural Silk Elegance from Bed In A And after two nights, I can tell you that it's going to be hard to change mattresses, as this is easily the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on!

  • Comfort level - The Natural Silk Elegance is an all-foam mattress. As a back and side sleeper, it offers a "just right" combination of soft and support.
  • Breathability - I tend to sleep a bit warm, but not an issue on this mattress. My back will usually be a bit clammy on a Tempurpedic, but my experience so far on this mattress, with the organic cotton flannel sheets from my store has been great. No heat!
  • Old injuries - I had a very severe shoulder injury several years ago, but I like to sleep on my side. No issues with this mattress!
  • Sleep through the night - My personal testing method is whether I sleep through the night. I recently took one brand out of the store after trying their bed for a month. It was solid latex and it left me feeling sore in the ribs but more importantly, I would wake up in the night
General Grade - A!

I can't recommend this mattress enough, and it is no wonder it is the best seller in our stores. Stop by the Nest Bedding stores in San Francisco and in Berkeley and try one for yourself. Remember, we don't keep your money if you have a bad experience. Our USA made non-toxic memory foam mattresses are well made, durable, and come with a 4 month 100 percent money back guarantee.