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8 Neat Kid's Room Decorations That Help Kids Sleep at Night

mother reading to her kids in kid's room with bunk beds

mother reading to her kids in kid's room with bunk beds

There is something uniquely fun about helping your child decorate their room. Perhaps your child is developing new interests or just a new interest in decorating. Or perhaps you're looking to make changes that will help your child fall asleep and sleep through the night. No matter what the cause, it's enjoyable to explore new decoration ideas with your child and help them implement a few to their little heart's delight.

In this sleep doctor blog, we're going to explore ten ways to decorate your kid's room that are not only nifty as decor but will also help your little ones enjoy a deeper night's sleep. The key is to create a relaxing sleep-supportive environment that very clearly changes modes from daytime playroom mode to nighttime sleep chamber mode. Let's dive right in:

1. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars & Planets

Nothing changes modes quite like classic glow-in-the-dark stars. You may have had these stuck to stuff in your room when you were a kid. They've existed longer than many parents today have been alive, and you never quite grow out of them. Glow-in-the-Dark stars, moons, and planets are a delight for children to stick around their room, creating a relaxing starscape that will glow gently when the lights go out. The best part about old-school glow-in-the-dark is that they don't actually provide illumination to keep your kids up, just a soft reminder that friendly stars are out there.

2. Planetarium Projector

Speaking of the stars, you can take that constellation approach in a totally different direction with a planetarium projector. These nifty little decoration devices feature a light inside a dome. Over the dome, you place black covers with little pinprick dots that, in turn, project constellations of the starry sky throughout the room. Many of these projectors have a mode where they spin slowly, as well.

During playtime, a planetarium projector can be used to learn and spot real constellations and to set up a cool starscape. At night, that same starscape becomes a soothing nightlight that projects a mesmerizing spinning starscape onto the ceiling and everything else in the room.

3. Bed Curtains

Some kids beg for a canopy bed, but if you're looking to make a sleep quality difference, bed curtains are even cooler. Bed curtains are more than just a canopy or can go without the canopy entirely. Essentially, a bed curtain pulls around the bed to block off light and sight from the rest of the room. They can be used to turn a kid's bed into a cozy sleep cubby and to block out other lights in the room.

If your child is a pitch-black sleeper, but they still prefer nightlights in the room, a bed curtain could be the perfect solution. Curtains can also help draw a physical line between playtime and sleep time on the bed.

4. A New Grownup Mattress

When kids get big enough, it is eventually time to get them a real grownup mattress. Kids' mattresses are designed for the smaller and lighter bodies of small children. Older kids start to need the same kind of pillowy support that adults do. Not to mention, few things make a growing child feel more grown-up than being given a bigger adult-quality bed.

Instead of giving your child a hand-me-down mattress, it's worth it to invest in a brand new high-quality mattress in the new adult size. The right mattress can make a huge difference in how well your child sleeps for the next several years. A great mattress can even improve their mental clarity, focus, and grades at school during the critical middle and high school years.

5. Bunk Beds

Do you have two children who are very close to each other? Or perhaps a child with a super close best friend? Then bunk beds just might be the perfect answer. Kids love bunk beds, especially kids who are old enough to climb but old enough to want a full-sized bed yet. Bunk beds are not only a jungle gym for your bedroom, but they're also a really friendly way for kids to share a room. A younger child with an older sibling sharing bunk beds often feels safer. And friends who have a bunk waiting for them feel welcome for sleepovers any time.

A bunk bed gives your child a combination of security and options for how they choose to sleep. Plus, they're totally awesome.

6. Smart Home Speaker

Do you have a few smart home speakers in your house already? Have you been playing with the features and adding fun skills as you go? If so, then you already know smart homes can do a surprising amount in the parenting arena. Alexa and Google Home never get tired of answering "What is" and "Why" questions. Alexa can tell jokes, sing songs, and say goodnight.

So you can also use your smart speaker to help your child get to sleep and wake up in the morning. All smart speakers are equipped with a way to play white noise for free, and you can also use smart home skills for special purposes. For example, you can leave a message for Alexa to give your child if they wake up wondering where you are or what time it is. You can even program Alexa to tell your children to go back to sleep and crank up the white noise.

7. Personalized Bedding

Children love personalized bedding even more than adults do, and we're all still weak to our favorite colors in vibrant, silky sheets. Kids love blankets with their favorite toons on them, sheets in their favorite colors, and the ability to design how their bed looks by picking out sheets and blankets. This is also the perfect opportunity to change out any old bedding your child used to have under cover of the exciting new bedding replacement.

Buying your child personalized bedding is a wonderful way to help them claim their territory and feel special at every bedtime. But it's also the best time to buy your children high-quality bedding that will be warm yet breathable, smooth on the skin, and moisture-wicking. With high-quality personalized bedding, your child will be able to snuggle in under the covers for a wonderful night's sleep every night.

8. Essential Oil Diffuser

Last but not least is the diffuser. Scents have a natural effect on the body and mind. By changing the scent of your kid's room, you can also change how their brains respond to it. A diffuser is a wonderful way to use soothing essential oils to change how your child's room smells organically. The soft scent of lavender, chamomile, or lemon can help a child drift peacefully to sleep, whether you use stick diffusers or a little tabletop device.

Children approaching puberty or in their teens are also more likely to embrace the diffuser, as teens also love to experiment with scents and become more strongly influenced by scent during sleep as they get older.

Whether your child is having trouble sleeping or it's just time to redecorate, these tips can help you make smart, soothing choices for fun daytime playtime and a relaxing bedtime. For more great insights on how to sleep better or help your kids sleep better, contact us today!