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Does The Thickness of a Mattress Matter?

If you have been shopping for a mattress of late, it is likely you have noticed that mattresses are getting deeper and thicker. Seemingly, the more expensive the higher the profile of the mattress. But is having a thick mattress a good thing? Or is there a negative to a thicker mattress?

Public perception is a very important part of how mattresses are made. Fancy fabrics and labels, colorful banners and marketing brochures, exotically named materials; all designed to give the impression of a very expensive product. 

However, the simple fact is that there is little variation on how mattresses are made. And the thickness of a mattress, whether it is a latex organic mattress or a non-toxic memory foam mattress, is not really relevant.

A thicker mattress actually can be more of a liability than an asset. The thicker the mattress, the more layers of materials, and that can lead to a bigger body impression and a great likelihood of sagging.

Now, a mattress should be thick enough to support the weight of two grown adults. That means you should look for a mattress to be no less than 8" thick if it is a coil based mattress, and a minimum of 7-8" thick if is a latex core mattress. Anything above about 15" should be considered too thick or possibly unnecessarily thick, as the more layers tend to be redundant and only exist to give the impression that the mattress is worth more than it actually is.

Choosing a new mattress is difficult enough without having to contend with marketing schemes and greenwashing. As you will read in the pages of the blog and encounter when you come to Nest Bedding stores, we encourage customers to do their research and read the reviews of the products and company you are considering for your new mattress.