Lifetime Renewal Exchange

A comfort layer exchange you can redeem once, at any time, to alter the feel of your mattress or to increase its lifespan (this option saves you time and money while reducing waste).

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There are a few things the human body needs to survive: Food, Water, Shelter and Oxygen. Without one of those factors, we would eventually perish. The human body also has a few needs as well, such as sleep. If you were to be sleep deprived long enough, you could succumb to disease, viruses or any other attack your body normally fends off with a healthy immune system. So, you could make a case that sleep is also a fundamental need. 

If you ever attended a seminar for work, its likely you are quite familiar with your ability to fall asleep anywhere, in any position. When the body wants to shut down, it's an almost uncontrollable effect. Your eyelids get heavy, you get drowsy and eventually you will nod off. However, your body needs an extended amount of time to fully recharge, and that is where a good sleep environment comes into play. 

A good sleep environment includes a quiet, dark, comfortable room or location, and a comfortable surface upon which to sleep. If you fall asleep on a rock, for example, after a short amount of time, you will awaken due to pain and lack of circulation. This is where a good mattress comes into the conversation.

It could be argued that a good mattress is fundamental to achieving good rest. I, for one, am a big advocate of memory foam mattresses, such as the brand we carry, Bed In A Box. A good quality, USA made memory foam mattress will provide support without pressure associated with most coil mattresses. If you are a hot sleeper, Bed In A Box memory foam mattresses tend to sleep cooler than most memory foam beds due to its quality construction. We also carry natural latex mattresses for those who are looking for a no synthetic sleep environment. 

So, there is a strong case that a mattress can fall into the category of a fundamental part of achieving the rest your body needs to survive. I am sure our ancient ancestors found a way to create a soft, supportive sleep environment from animal furs and skins, from grasses and feathers. The Nest Bedding Organics Latex Mattresses try to recreate that soft, supportive surface using only certified materials as well. 

Nest Bedding strives to provide these fundamental needs at an affordable, fair and consistent price.