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What Is The Best Bed For Someone Who Is Heavy?

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People come in all sizes and shapes, which is why there are so many different types of mattresses. That said, someone who is heavier, large or obese, is going to have different needs in a mattress than someone who has a much smaller build or frame.

A mattress is going to feel different and perform differently for that larger person as well. For example, a 6" latex organic mattress would be good for a lighter person who is a back sleeper, as their body weight will not compress the 6" organic latex core much. Someone who weighs 2 to 3 times more is likely to "bottom out" on the latex core. The same would go for a memory foam mattress. The Bed In A memory foam mattresses we carry are comprised of a layer of breathable memory foam over a firmer support foam. Most of the models we carry from Bed In A Box have 3" of memory foam, which would usually be enough to provide support and comfort for most people. However, a heavier person would compress the memory foam layer further and then they would be in contact with the firmer support foam. This would result in a heavier customer getting a different feel than a lighter customer.

What would be the best mattress for someone who is heavier? Or even a couple where both people are heavy?

An all foam mattress, whether it be one of our latex organic mattresses or one of the fine quality breathable memory foam mattresses from Bed In A Box, would be the best option for a heavier person. A heavier person would want to shy away from metal coil mattresses which would push back a lot of pressure. Also, most major brand mattresses are made with low quality foams which would compress very quickly. The foams we use in our Nest Bedding Organic mattresses and the Bed In A Box mattress are a high quality, long lasting foams which will not matte down like cheaper foams.

Another consideration when mattress shopping for a heavier customer is what the mattress is sitting upon. Any kind of flexible box spring would not be advisable as it would contribute to the mattress prematurely sinking or caving in. What would be advisable would be strong, wood slat platform bed or the steel platform from Malouf available at Nest Bedding.