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4 Tips For Falling Asleep From The Sleep Doctor

We all experience it, that dreaded feeling that no matter what happens there is no way you are going to be able to fall asleep. You lay there for what seems an eternity, trying to fall asleep, but to no avail. 

Today on the Sleep Doctor Blog, I want to discuss a few ways that I find falling asleep to be a less daunting proposition.

  1. A new variation on counting sheep. Counting sheep is an age-old technique designed to focus your mind, quiet it from all other thoughts and thus allow you to fall asleep. A doctor recently taught me this trick: try counting backwards from 100. It works! When you have a lot on your mind and it is preventing you falling asleep, focusing intently on one thing will prevent your mind from racing. I use this technique all the time and it works.
  2. Get Comfortable! I know, its a mattress blog, and you know I am going to talk about your mattress, but its true. If you are uncomfortable, you are not going to be able to fall asleep quickly. If you don't get into bed and immediately feel comfortable, consider the issue: is it too firm, too soft, too hot, not supportive? There are ways to alleviate all these issues without having to invest in a new mattress. You can soften up your existing mattress with a memory foam or latex foam topper. We even have nice wool toppers in our stores. If you are struggling with heat, consider ditching that down and feather comforter for a wool one, which is much more breathable.
  3. Embrace the Darkness. No, not the horror movie kind. In fact, that tip is next. No, what I mean is make sure there is no sensory distractions in your room. Block out all light, even from a digital clock. Turn off that phone so it doesn't illuminate or buzz when it rings. 
  4. Don't Embrace The Darkness! Ok, NOW we discuss horror movies. And adventure movies. And really any movies or TV shows right before going to sleep. Anything that overstimulates the brain will keep it racing and prevent you from falling asleep.

Sleep is what we are all about here at Nest Bedding. The Sleep Doctor blog is committed to helping you get a healthy night's rest.