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Shift Work Sleep Disorder: When It's Too Light Outside to Sleep

woman in bed struggling with shift work sleep disorder
While some people love working the night shift, others hate it, especially when it affects their sleep cycle. If you work the night shift and you have trouble falling asleep, you're not alone. Up to 40 percent of shift workers suffer from Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). Here are our tips for getting more sleep.

How to Identify Common Symptoms of Sleep Disorders

businesswoman suffering from sleep disorders at work
If you regularly suffer from sleep problems, you might be wondering if you have an actual sleep disorder. An estimated 50 to 70 million people in the United States suffer from sleep disorders. While they can only be diagnosed by a qualified health care professional, recognizing symptoms is the first step to treatment.

40 Unique Sleep Facts We Bet You Didn't Know

Sleep facts to stop counting sheep
Just how much do you know about sleep? Here are 40 unique sleep facts we bet you didn't know.

The Sleepy Syndrome – What’s Your Disorder?

  The Sleep Disorders work-group has been quite busy, recently. They’re calling for a nearly complete overhaul of their sleep disorder category in...

The Sleep Doctor's Tips To Falling Asleep

  There are better ways to spend the night than counting sheep every night, waiting to finally doze off into the sweet splendor of slumber, only t...

How to Eat Right to Sleep Tight

Did you know only one in ten people claim they get daily good night’s sleep? That’s a lot of people with sleep complains. Just like most things, q...

The Sleep Cheater – Are You Destroying Your Sleep Relationship?

  You think you’re doing fine if you get about four to five hours worth of sleep? Well, chances are that you’re probably among the millions of peo...

Products That Help You Sleep

Products that Help You Sleep   The number of people who face difficulty in sleeping is surprisingly very high. There might be different factors tha...

Sleep Your Way To Higher PH Levels

Sleep is the primary foundation of your overall health. Not getting proper rest  can lead to a myriad of issues, and yet getting proper, restorativ...

Stretch Your Way to Better Sleep

Do you lie awake at night feeling frustrated because you cannot sleep? Alternatively, maybe you wake frequently and end up feeling grouchy and tir...

Why You Deserve a New Mattress

It never ceases to amaze me how many people are out there sleeping on a broken down mattress, or have been suffering for years on a mattress that g...

A Lack of Sleep Can Make You Feel Like A Wimp

In a recent Huffington Post article, Dutch researchers subjected elite athletes to a test. They took a group of cyclists and had them cycle for a s...


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