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Overcoming Sleep Dread to get a Good Night's Rest

woman worried by bed suffering from sleep dread
For these individuals with sleep dread, the idea of losing consciousness can be terrifying every night. So, how common is this phenomenon, and what can you do about it?

7 Sneaky Sleep Stealers and How to Guard Against Them

7 Sneaky Sleep Stealers and How to Guard Against Them
Sneaky sleep stealers rob of us our well-deserved rest. While we can't always prevent sleepless nights, here are the most common culprits and how to combat them.

10 Things To Do When You Can't Fall Asleep

woman who can't fall alseep wears earplugs in bed
There are several things to do if you can't fall asleep. Some tips are about reinforcing good sleep habits, and some are about making sure you aren't interrupted by outside distractions. Here are ten of the best practices for falling asleep—and staying asleep—every night.

How to Recover from an Involuntarily Sleepless Night

tired businesswoman yawning after a sleepless night
Whether we miss sleep because of illness, disaster, drama, aging, chronic pain, a new baby, or merely because we decided to binge an entire series on Netflix, most of us emerge from a sleepless night with bags under our eyes and regret coursing through our veins. When the inevitable happens, here's what you can do.

Questions to Start Listening to Your Body for a Better Night's Sleep

couple getting ready together in bathroom mirror
Sometimes you're so caught up in routines you feel like a robot. But people who aren't sleeping right may find themselves lost in a hazy fog. Harmful sleep patterns make everyday life more difficult. We share questions you can ask as you review your health and sleep patterns by listening to your body.

Insomnia Isn't One Size Fits All: Understanding 5 Types of Insomnia

man stressed with insomnia at night
If you've ever had insomnia, you know how frustrating it can be to lie awake for hours wanting so badly to fall asleep. Because there are different types of insomnia, not everyone is going to react the same way to the same treatment. If you struggle with sleep, read on to learn more about the five types of insomnia.

I Can't Sleep: 6 Things To Do When Shut-Eye Eludes You

woman in bed with alarm clock can't sleep
Unfortunately, about one-third of Americans say that they don't get enough sleep. If you're getting less than seven hours of sleep a night, you have a problem. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take when you can’t sleep. Here are six ideas to try when you can’t get enough shut-eye.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder: When It's Too Light Outside to Sleep

woman in bed struggling with shift work sleep disorder
While some people love working the night shift, others hate it, especially when it affects their sleep cycle. If you work the night shift and you have trouble falling asleep, you're not alone. Up to 40 percent of shift workers suffer from Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). Here are our tips for getting more sleep.

Surviving the Nocturnal Symphony: Sleeping Peacefully When Your Partner Snores

woman can't sleep when her partner snores
Approximately 25 percent of the population snores frequently. If you have difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night because your partner snores, you may be compelled to take up permanent residence down the hall. Here are several steps to reduce the frequency and severity of snoring to sleep peacefully.

I Can't Sleep: Is It Something I Drank?

woman who can't sleep is reading and drinking glass of wine
For many of us, our bedtime routines incorporate some sort of evening beverage. A mug of hot tea. A glass of cold milk. A sweet wine after a long day. A cup of cold water after brushing our teeth. Could it be, however, that what you drink is keeping you awake? Let's get into it.

Can't Sleep? 5 Bedtime Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

bedtime yoga poses
Wondering what to do when you can't sleep? This five-pose sequence of bedtime yoga poses offers profound physical and mental-emotional benefits. While doing all five of them in the suggested sequence is recommended, it's also fine to choose just one or two to explore.

No More Restless Nights: 9 Easy, Science-Backed Ways to Fall Asleep

medical team with MRI scans ways to fall asleep
If you've grown to dread what should be the most relaxing time of day—bedtime—because of your nighttime restlessness, you're not alone: 50 to 70 million adults in the US have sleeping disorders. So, here are a number of ways to fall asleep in five minutes or less, so you can stress less and sleep better.


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