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8 Fun Ways to Get Yourself Out of Bed in the Morning

get yourself out of bed in the morning with a fun morning routine

get yourself out of bed in the morning with a fun morning routine

We set our alarms with the best of intentions. We plan to get up early for exercise, breakfast, and a little extra work. We expect to get up on time to stop the chronic lateness. Or perhaps you aspire to only hit the snooze button one time before dragging yourself out of bed.

But when the morning comes, those soft, comfy pillows and warm sheets won't let you go. Your eyes won't open; your body doesn't rise. Somehow, your hand makes it to the snooze button, and it’s the beginning of the end. If you, like so many of us, struggle to make it out of bed each morning, we know exactly how it feels.

Fortunately, you're not alone. People who love to sleep in have been inventing ways to escape their pillows and blankets for decades. Today, we've put together our favorite get-out-of-bed solutions for your use and amusement. For all you sleepy-heads out there, here are the top eight fun ways to get yourself out of bed in the morning and get your feet shuffling toward the shower on time for once.

The Far Alarm Trick

One of the most significant problems with getting out of bed is the ability to hit snooze. Simply resetting your alarm for another few minutes allows you to snuggle back into the pillows and fall asleep again. Many chronic snoozers have realized their hands are already reaching for the snooze button before their brains can override and decide to get up. Therefore, our first solution is simple: move your alarm clock. Or even more, fun, get an alarm clock that runs away!

With the alarm clock out of reach, you won't be able to snooze, and the alarm will keep going until your feet are on the floor and your body is already upright. If you're a heavy sleeper, you might consider picking an annoying radio station. You'll want to turn off as quickly as possible to get yourself lunging out of bed.

Make Time for Something Fun

Of course, often the issue is more about motivation. If you're not looking forward to work or school, it can be pretty hard to convince yourself getting out of bed is worth it. For a solution to this problem, look for a reason you do want to get out of bed. Do you have a favorite video game, TV show, or even an exciting novel you'd like to find time for in the day?

Reward yourself for getting out of bed early by scheduling time for something fun. You can win yourself 30-60 minutes of morning play time, have a hot breakfast, and get the benefit of being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your daily obligations.

Don't Eat Before Bed

It is the secret truth of many morning people that hunger drives them out of bed with the sun. For people with high sleeping metabolisms or strict bedtime snacking rules, a rumbling tummy can propel you out of bed and toward the kitchen before your brain even kicks on.

For anyone who tends to sleep through breakfast time, consider eating a modest dinner and cutting out the bedtime snacks. A strong desire for breakfast is often enough to get you out of bed energetically and on time.

Have a Morning Snack Ready

Of course, some people have the opposite problem. They wake up hungry, but not hungry enough to drive them from the covers. Low blood sugar from lack of nutrients overnight can cause you to feel more fatigued than you are. It is the result of low caloric energy in your body and is more likely for people whose stomachs often need time to 'wake up' before a full breakfast.

If going to bed a little hungry left you feeling even sleepier the morning after, try placing a covered glass of juice, an apple, or a few tasty crackers on your bedside table before you go to sleep. When your alarm goes off, sit on the edge of your bed and drink the juice. If you feel up to it, eat the snack. Chances are you'll feel more energetic in no time.

Rock Your Wakeup

Another way to motivate yourself to get out of bed is to live your life like a fun movie. Nothing makes a morning routine seem fun like a kickin' playlist in the background while you brush your teeth, pick out your clothes, and throw together some breakfast.

With alarm clocks today, rocking your wakeup is easier than ever. Pick your favorite energetic playlist, something to make you dance to the shower and groove right out the door. Then make sure the right song is your wake-up alarm. When your body is moving to the music, you won't be longing for the covers.

Drink Water Before Bed

If grooving, snacks, and the promise of early-morning video gaming don't motivate you out of bed, there is one thing that will get you shuffling toward the bathroom without fail: Having to pee. Go ahead and laugh; we know it's funny. But think about it: needing to 'go' can wake you out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night. It can undoubtedly propel you in the morning with equal force.

The key? Drink a big glass of water before you crawl into bed. Not only is this great for staying hydrated at night, but it also gives you an excellent reason to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. And once you're up, you might as well shower and have an on-time morning.

Tell Your Child to Wake You

Readers out there who are parents, you have a unique and powerful wake-up option which is not available to everyone: your children. Most kids love to wake their parents up, especially between the ages of one and eight. For many parents with snooze button problems, your kids are up and watching cartoons before the hot water hits your head, and they probably want to tell you all about what Dora did today.

So if you need someone else to come and drag you out of bed, permit your kids to do so. Their excited little faces and happy voices will give you a social reason to get up, and they will feel satisfied knowing they are doing you a favor.

Program Your Smart Coffee Pot to Brew

And finally, we saved the best for last: Smart Coffee Pots. The phrase "Wake up and smell the coffee" didn't come out of nowhere and it has stuck around far longer than any running coffee commercial. The reason? Coffee smells amazing to coffee lovers, and it’s full of delicious caffeine to help you with the rest of your wake up. In households where someone else gets up early and starts a pot of coffee, getting up becomes much more comfortable, your nose is leading you to the kitchen before your brain even realizes it's awake.

And with the introduction of smart-home coffee pots, you don't even need another early riser in the house to work this magic. To get yourself up and out of bed on time, set your coffee pot to start brewing about five minutes before your alarm is set to go off. By the time you reach the beeping (or singing) alarm, the beautiful scent of coffee will already be floating through the house.

Here at Nest Bedding, our whole world revolves around helping people get the best sleep possible. Of course, when your bed is perfectly comfortable, and your pillows beckon you to snuggle them, it can be pretty hard to get out of bed in the morning. It's no wonder we're so familiar with ways to get out of bed after a great night's sleep! We hope you enjoyed these tips and learned something useful to get yourself out of bed in the morning. For more tips on how to get fantastic sleep or how to wake up feeling refreshed, contact us today!