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Nest Bedding helping those affected by the Camp Fire

Nest Bedding helping those affected by the Camp Fire
The recent tragic fires in California have left many people in these areas without homes, communities and loved ones. Family, friends, and pets have been lost, homes destroyed and entire communities affected. Nest Bedding is not only a California based company that cares about their local community but has been directly affected by the fires as well. Nest Bedding's Operations Center was located in the community of Magalia, California and comprised of staff from Magalia, Paradise, and Chico. Many of their employees lost their homes and their operations center was rendered uninhabitable. 
Joe Alexander, CEO, and Founder of Nest Bedding has donated $10,000 to the shelter at the East Ave. Church in Chico to help with the efforts to bring shelter, food and medical attention to many of the displaced residents of this tragedy. Joe stated, "Whether directly affected by the fire or having loved ones affected,
this fire has taken such a great toll on so many. The least we can do is to give back to our community and the folks who have set up the shelter at the East Ave Church in Chico are giving of their time completely on their own, volunteering in the face of great need. We are honored to help, and I encourage everyone to consider donating time, resources or money. The tragedy continues even though the fires are almost out."
This campaign is on behalf of the Gundersen family, who is providing medical care to their own community even though they lost everything in the Northern California Camp Fire. 
If you feel compelled to help this shelter specifically, please find their GoFundMe here:
Your donations will help cover costs for medications, crucial medical supplies & devices, and additional necessities during these efforts. Additionally, because most of the people being treated are going to need to be here for at least another month, we are planning to use the donations to get safer and warmer structures for them. There isn't enough room inside for everyone, so many are sleeping outside in tents.