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8 Totally Weird Ways to Wake Up in the Morning

woman sleeping upside down in bed with eye mask
Today, in honor of all weird and cool things related to sleep, we're here to share eight truly weird ways to wake up. If you've ever been confused about why your position in the morning is so crazy different from how you fell asleep, this article is for you.

8 Fun Ways to Get Yourself Out of Bed in the Morning

get yourself out of bed in the morning with a fun morning routine
We set our alarms with the best of intentions. But when the morning comes, those soft comfy pillows and warm sheets won't let you go. For all you sleepy-heads out there, here are the top eight fun ways to get yourself out of bed in the morning and get your feet shuffling toward the shower on time for once.

Leaving the Snooze Button Behind: How to Wake Up On Time and Energized Every Day

Man in bed learning to wake up on time without hitting snooze
Do you hit the snooze button every morning? Learn about how to get into a groove with your circadian rhythm and treat yourself to REM sleep every night.


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