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How to Decorate Your Bedroom to Promote Peace and Relaxation

Learn how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep

Learn how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep

Many people argue that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

If the kitchen is the heart, then the bedroom is the soul. It is where we relax after a long day, get dressed and ready for the day, and most importantly, it's where we sleep.

With sleep being so essential to daily functioning, it's vital that we get the bedroom right. Decorating the bedroom is fun and can provide great sleep rewards.

Having a peaceful and cozy bedroom is paramount to any home furnishing design scheme. There are some tips to follow to ensure you create a comfortable bedroom and get the best sleep out of your boudoir.

Remember what it feels like after a beautiful, long night of rest with no alarm clocks to wake you up? Learning how to decorate your bedroom will make relaxation easier than you ever thought.

Here are eight tips for achieving a harmonious and quiet bedroom space:

Tidy up the Bedroom

To make sure that your bedroom is clean and cozy, employ organization tips that remove clutter and make your area neat and tidy. Dressers and closet space will take care of your clothing storage, as well as hampers to make sure that no dirty laundry litters the floors. Using a storage ottoman at the end of your bed not only creates extra seating but is a great place for additional blankets and pillows that need somewhere to go. Nightstands can also hold miscellaneous stuff. Don't forget to vacuum and dust to keep the bedroom neat and clean.

Create A Balanced Arrangement

Arranging furniture in your bedroom is essential to creating harmony and flow. Ayurvedic traditions of ancient India dictate that while sitting up in bed, you should be facing either East or North. Facing this way allows you to point in the direction of the rising sun, perfect for waking up in the morning.

According to ancient Feng Shui of China, the bed should be solidly up against a wall and face the opening or door to the room. It allows you to have a view of the room's entrance. A solid headboard behind the bed also helps. Allow for extra space by choosing furniture that fits comfortably with space to move around.

Dim the Lighting

To achieve cool lighting in your bedroom, consider using table and floor lamps instead of lighting on the ceiling. Softer lighting with low-watt bulbs is great for promoting relaxation. Open your window curtains to add natural lighting that is easy on the eyes.

When you are ready for sleep, block out light and turn off all lamps. If you prefer not to sleep in complete darkness, get a decorative night light so you can see your way around at night. Burning candles is a great solution to provide soft lighting, especially when you want to relax and rest (just make sure to blow them out before you fall asleep). Consider sconce lighting to give an old-world feel to your space.

Decorate With Harmony

Creating harmony in the bedroom means that you must cut out the distractions. Avoiding television, radio, and blue lights from electronics inherently improve your sleep. If you have to have the TV, use a shawl or throw to cover it up when not in use. Keeping furniture low to the ground is also a good tactic. Try to make everything in the room at or below bed level. The extra room above makes the room more spacious. Decorate with artwork that is relaxing to look at and promotes harmony and balance within the space. The bedroom should be a place to relax, so eliminate distractions that hinder this process.

Ensure Air Flow

Your bedroom, of all places, should not be stuffy and stagnant. So, open a window from time to time. Letting fresh air into this space allows for easier breathing and will air out unwanted odors. Spray an aromatherapy mist such as lavender to relax or eucalyptus to wake up. The smells in the bedroom should be calming and restorative. With clean and fresh air flowing through the room and delightful smells surrounding you, you will be calm and rested in no time.

Choose a Color Scheme Wisely

Utilize a calming color scheme. Blues and greens are cool colors that are sedative in nature, while reds and pinks may add some passion to the mix. You can choose to have all white walls or use your favorite color with paint. Coordinate curtains in a complementary color. The color palette should go together, and pops of brighter colors will add visual interest and style. Research on color theory is helpful to achieve the desired results. Make sure to choose a color that makes you feel good, no matter where it falls on the color wheel.

Select Quality Furniture

Beautiful furniture doesn't have to be uncomfortable. When buying a mattress, try each one out to make sure you know what’s comfortable for you. With the advent of online shopping, it isn't always possible to try out every piece, so read reviews online. If you choose high-quality bedding, however, you won't be disappointed in the look and feel of your bedroom. Your bedroom is one place not to skimp on quality, but you can still do this at affordable prices.

Finish with Clean and Comfortable Bedding

The bedding in your room is essential. Keeping sheets and pillowcases clean is a good idea, as well as selecting well-made and cozy pieces. Studies have shown that a warm comforter with a little weight to it helps sleep and anxiety. Your bedding should reflect your personality and taste. Companies like Nest Bedding have bedding collections that are great for creating the perfect bedroom space. Your bedding is the first step to creating a relaxing bedroom. Get comfortable in bed with cozy bedding, and you may not want to get out.

Whether you make your bed every morning or leave the covers a mess, your bedroom is the most comforting and relaxing place in your home. If you want to achieve a calming and serene atmosphere for the best sleep possible, figure out how to decorate your bedroom. On average, we spend a third of our lives in bed. Why not make your bedroom just perfect for sleep?

Nest Bedding

At Nest Bedding, we understand the importance of sleep. We have mattresses, pillows, and bedding collections to make you feel right at home in your bedroom. Quality and affordability are possible together. Make your bedroom a harmonious and calming place to rest. Sleep is the key to your dreams. Contact us at Nest Bedding, where your dreams begin.