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10 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Sleep

woman touching tablet for smart home lighting
We love our smart homes. They can do so much cool stuff — from tracking your grocery list to responding to the command "Party Time" by turning up ...

Restful Bedroom Set-Ups for Both Lounging and Sleeping

man reading a book in a corner lounge chair
Sleep isn't the only reason to cultivate a restful bedroom situation. If managed with care, our bedrooms can easily function as restful spots for leisure.  We can foster restful bedrooms for both lounging and sleeping by focusing on four specific factors: sight, sound, smell, and set-up. Here's what we recommend.

9 Ways to Refresh and Redecorate a Teen Bedroom

messy teen bedroom
A big part of help your kid create their life as they grow up is giving them control of their teen bedroom, as well as the bed itself. Let’s talk about how to help your teen smoothly gain control of their room, redecorate to suit their personality, and maybe even keep it organized.

How to Plan Redecorating Your Children's Bedrooms as a Family

young girl painting with sponge brush
Working together, you can help your children have a fun time switching up their rooms to match who they have grown into this year. Let's explore several fun ways parents can redecorate their children's bedrooms together as a family.

How Plants In Your Bedroom Help You Sleep Better

plants in your bedroom
When you think of decorating your bedroom, what comes to mind? Most likely, you think of bedding, sheets, furniture, and art. But it's the whole bedroom environment—even the air you breathe—that provides a good night's sleep. Here, we'll explore the most powerful health benefits of keeping plants in your bedroom.

How to Keep Up with Fresh Home Furnishing Trends, Bedroom and Beyond

Young couple redecorates with home furnishing trends
According to a recent survey, bedrooms are the third most common renovation projects that homeowners undertake, right behind kitchens and bathroom...

How to Decorate Your Bedroom: 8 Bedroom Decor Options for a Calm Environment

Decorate your bedroom with flowers and lamps
How you decorate your bedroom has a powerful impact on your sleep. Learn how to organize and invest in the right elements for a good night's sleep.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom to Promote Peace and Relaxation

Learn how to decorate your bedroom for better sleep
Better sleep starts with a better bedroom. Learn how to decorate your bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep.


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