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Watch These 19 Netflix Shows When You Can’t Get to Sleep

woman holding remote and watching tv before bed

If you've had a long, stressful or hectic day, chances are your adrenalin is pumping and you'll be wide awake when you're ready for bed. You'll probably decide that you need a distraction to help you sleep — and watching something on Netflix is the ideal way to do that.  

But don't go for those fast-paced, noisy, and true crime shows — you'll want something to chill out to. We hear what you're thinking, but relaxing shows are anything but dull. Viewing them in the daytime, you can become entirely absorbed in these shows due to their content, images, and music, yet these things are also what might be excellent for a calming nighttime viewing.

Naturally, it all depends on how you feel and what you find most soothing at the time. You just need to watch something with a superb blend of relaxing images, background noise, and calm content. So we gathered together some of the most calming Netflix shows to help you drift off to dreamland.

"The Great British Baking Show"

Watching this during the day will keep you awake with the tense competition and brash commentary. However, in the evening, you're sure to nod off to the pastel colors and relaxing pace.

There's also a sister show called "The Great British Bake Off: Master Class." It's hosted by the same people that host the baking show, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. They work very well together, showing you how to create awesome cakes and pastries and prevent soggy bottoms. Just like the baking show, "Master Class" has a cute, colorful set that will have you dreaming of candy land in no time.

"Planet Earth"

Within these 11 seasons, you'll discover there's a landscape for whatever mood you're in. "Planet Earth" takes you to mountains, caves, jungles, and more. Allow the relaxing vibes and the gorgeous, grandness of nature to send you to snooze town.

"The World's Most Extraordinary Homes"

Who doesn't love exploring people's homes — especially if they're unique? Hosted by Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin, their charming commentary will put you in a calm state, and you'll soon find yourself falling into a peaceful slumber.

"Terrace House: Aloha State"

This Japanese show is a lot like U.S. reality shows where they squeeze a bunch of strangers into a house, and we watch the drama happen.

However, "Terrace House" is different in that this season is set in Hawaii and is loaded with tropical scenery and calm moods. What's even more amazing is that the strangers get along!


As you get cozy in bed, switch on this wonderfully nostalgic game show and let it play in the background. Listen to Alex Trebek as he asks trivia questions in his perfectly-articulated, soothing voice; there's little doubt you'll still be awake to hear the Daily Double!

"Fireplace for Your Home: Birchwood Edition"

What's cozier and more calming than watching and listening to the crackling of a fire? Well, nothing, we imagine, which is why this sequel to "Fireplace for Your Home" will help you catch those Zs. This hour-long show — that can be watched in 4K Ultra-HD will surely put even the most stressful minds to sleep.

"Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet"

If you've never seen "Mystery Science Theater 3000," then this season is a good a place to start as any with the season's new host, Jonah Ray. He and his robot buddies continue on the path of other "Mystery Science Theater" hosts—to rip apart horrible movies as you watch along with them. The show is more stupid than funny, and that's what will have you falling asleep quickly.

"Escape to the Country"

Have you ever wanted to leave the city without actually leaving it? Well, now you can with this marvelously, soothing show with sweet hosts. You'll be lulled to sleep as house-hunters survey lots of cottages and try to find their perfect home in the English countryside.

"Slow TV: Train Ride Bergen to Oslo"

Climb aboard the camera train as you go from Bergen, Norway to Oslo, Norway. You'll view passing trees and scenery as you listen to the faint clickety-clack of the "train" moving along the tracks. This is the essential sleepy-time show!

"Moving Art"

If you just can't sleep some night, this show might be right up your alley. It can be a very meditative event with its time-lapse photography, soothing music, and surreal nature views.

"Chef's Table"

Every episode relays the story of where one top chef comes from and why they stand out in the food industry. There's nothing better than viewing delicious food and exquisitely set tables to lull you to sleep. Best of all, the show is set to soothing music, and the pace is slow enough that it'll be suitable for your bedtime.

"Chill with Bob Ross"

Fans have adored this well-known painter for many years. You just can't resist his beautiful paintings, a quiet voice, and a peaceful atmosphere. "Chill with Bob Ross" is centered on happy winter scenes using phthalo blue and liquid white. Snuggle up in your bed and just try to watch a whole episode!

"The Farthest: Voyager in Space"

You'll learn about NASA's Voyager mission in 1977. The show gives you plenty of information on the start of the mission, where Voyager has been and, because of this mission, what we've learned about space.

"Salt Acid Fat Heat"

This food and travel series is well-directed and, during the day, you'll want to sit and view these shows in their entirety. Watching chef and author, Samin Nosrat, will be like you're visiting with an old friend. But when you're in bed — and on your fourth viewing — you'll want to have this playing in the background. It's a comfortable way to fall asleep!

"Big Dreams Small Spaces"

Great Britain's gardening guru and host, Monty Don, assists novice gardeners to turn their dreams into realities. Each family must finish their goal in the allotted time, but rest assured it won't affect the relaxing tone.

"Blue Planet II"

If you like the ocean, then this show is for you. You'll be asleep in no time while the camera moves along to capture the bluest lagoons and trails dolphins in the ocean.

"Gilmore Girls"

Is your mind full of worry? Try distracting yourself with the drama of Rory and Lorelai in their quaint little town of Stars Hollow. You'll find it oddly calming watching re-runs of this show.


The documentary's experts will instruct you on the important things in life. They'll show you how to let go and shed the extra stuff in life so getting your life back in control is doable! But how will this informative show put me to sleep, you ask? It's the peaceful aesthetics of the show that will leave you deep in slumber.

"Amazing Interiors"

This slow-paced home design show is slightly different than other shows of this genre. While there's nothing abnormal-looking about each home's exterior, when you get inside, you'll discover amazing interiors!

In the end, it's about what will help you fall asleep the best. That could be an old TV series, a slow-paced painting lesson, a relaxing nature program, or a cute baking show. No matter what you like, there are tons of shows to select from on Netflix to help you get a good night's sleep.

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