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Do People in Other Cities Get More Sleep Than I Do?

boats moored before melbourne skyline
Most of us don't give much thought to the link between geographic location and sleep. However, research and scientific studies show citizens of certain cities get more sleep per capita than others. Let's talk about where they are, what causes those differences, and what can you do to get more sleep—other than move.

5 Ideas for What to Watch When You Can't Sleep

Woman eating popcorn exploring what to watch when you can't sleep
Insomnia is a pain, but sometimes you can't get to sleep. You've tried counting imaginary sheep, counting backward from 1000, and merely pretendin...

What We Know About Electronics and Sleep

A man watches tv before bed, mixing electronics and sleep
What's the real connection between electronics and sleep? Should we get all electronics out of the bedroom? How long before we go to sleep do we need to stop looking at our screens? What is it about screens that make it so hard to fall asleep? Read on for the answers you need to get a good night of zzz's.


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