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How to Nap: What You Need To Know About the Science of Naps

man resting on couch with the science of naps
At some point in our lives, every person needs to take a nap. Nap too short, and you won't get the rest your body requires. But nap too long and you'll throw off your sleeping routine, causing you to be tired for extended periods during the day. So, to nap just right, let's dive into the science of naps.

The Scientific Power of Naps: 7 Types and Their Amazing Benefits

Basking in the scientific power of naps
Naps have an incredible amount of biological benefits. When you feel like you’re dragging anytime of day, a nap is sure to give you the perfect boost. Read on to learn about the scientific power of naps, their hardcore benefits, and learn which type suits you best.

To Nap Or Not To Nap, That Is The Question

Adding a short nap a day can be an excellent way to refill the ol' sleep bank. The National Sleep Foundation reports that sleep experts recommend a...


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