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Can't Sleep? Nod Off With One of These Movies About Dreams

ladder to the moon surrounded by stars
According to Psychology Today, dreams are the stories our brains tell during sleep. Dreams have fascinated humans throughout history. Theories abound about the meaning of dreams. It is no wonder that movies sometimes delve into the mysterious realm of dreams. Here are a few of our favorite movies about dreams.

The Concepts of Deep Sleep and Dreaming in Yoga Philosophy

woman practicing yoga philosophy outside
Exploring the four states of waking, dreaming, deep sleep, and meditation can be quite profound. Learn more about the relationship between deep sleep and meditation.

11 Benfits of Lucid Dreaming: How to Boost Creativity and Sleep Better

woman enjoying benefits of lucid dreaming by the ocean
Accounts of lucid dreaming go back as far as Aristotle. But what exactly is lucid dreaming? And—aside from improving your sleep—why would you want to do it? As it turns out, it’s not only enjoyable—but there is a wide range of health benefits of lucid dreaming. Here’s how to expand your mind while you’re fast asleep.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream: Sleep, Dreams, and Safety

woman at peace when her sleep, dreams, and safety are in balance
Nobody knows for sure whether William Shakespeare suffered from insomnia, but his work references sleep (or lack thereof) enough to suggest it. Hamlet may have been considering what dreams may come in the long sleep of death. But for most of us, it isn't the inability to wake from dreams: it's the dreams themselves.

Understanding Your Dreams Without the Crystal Ball

understanding your dreams under an eye mask
When real people dream, the images and events have far more personal than universal meaning. And often, dreams have more to do with what you're experiencing in your life than any deep mystical meaning about your health or secret feelings. Let's take a look at understanding your dreams without the crystal ball.

Somniloquy: What Does Talking in Your Sleep Mean?

talking in your sleep at a childhood sleepover
Talking in your sleep is one of the most harmless and amusing mysteries of sleep, one that many people have marveled at while listening to a sibling, friend, or romantic partner go on about nothing while clearly being fully unconscious. Ever curious, we dug deeper to learn what talking in your sleep actually means.

Discover the Fascinating Link Between Sleep and Dreams

Woman with a sleep mask for sleep and dreams
From ancient civilizations to today, people have believed in the elusive power of dreams. Read about the history of interpreting dreams and the connection between sleep and dreams today.


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