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How to Sleep Comfortably When Your Spouse is Away from Home

young female sleeping in bed next to empty space for spouse
When business trips or other obligations take your partner away from home overnight, it can be tough to relax and sleep comfortably. Let's explore how you can sleep comfortably tonight, even without your partner snoring softly beside you.

8 Important Sleep Tips for Road Trips This Season

woman driving on a road trip and sipping coffee in autumn coat
For some, there's a strong temptation to drive through the night to make better time. For others, it's nearly impossible to rest in hotel rooms or scrunched up in the car. Whether you're a night owl who pushes too far or a home-body who can't sleep well away from home, we've got the best sleep tips for road trips.

What To Do If You Can't Sleep While Traveling

woman sleeping on suitcase in airport
Over 60% of Americans do not sleep well when they are traveling. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help improve your sleep when you travel. Here are some helpful tips for when you can't sleep while traveling.

How to Get Better Sleep With an Extremely Busy Schedule

businessman sleeping on floor next to business reports and charts
Not everyone has time for a leisurely eight hours of sleep every night. Many people survive on four to six hours of sleep a night. But when your schedule is slammed from alarm-sound to bedtime, the worst side-effect is that it can be hard to get proper rest from the little time you do have for sleep.

What To Do If You Can't Sleep in an Unfamiliar Place

suitcases in hotel room blurred traveler looking out window
We've all been there. We're in an unfamiliar place, and seem to wake up every five minutes. Whether it's because of travel or you've moved to a new home, you may suffer from lack of sleep. What can you do if you can't sleep in an unfamiliar place? Fortunately, there are solutions to sleeping in an unaccustomed place.

How to Handle Layover Flight Delays Like a Pro

coseup of person holding luggage with blurred departures board
Layover travel is often more exhausting than single-flight trips, and it can become a harrowing experience for anyone who doesn't know how to handle layover flight delays. Millions of travelers deal with layover routes every year, and in all that flying, a few best practices have shaken out of the shared experience.

How to Get Quality Sleep in An Airport: A Survival Guide

person sleeping in an airport on a bench
There are at least a dozen common reasons why practical people wind up sleeping in an airport. But whatever the reason you find yourself needing a few hours of shut-eye without a hotel room, a modern airport is a pretty good way to do it. You just have to know the right tricks to stay safe and sleep soundly.

10 Essential Tips for Sleeping While Traveling

hand luggage at airport
When it comes to sleeping away from home, we each have a unique experience, but not sleeping while traveling is the wrong answer for both vacations and business trips where you need to be fresh and at your best for the next day. Here are a few tips that make the most of your sleep when you travel.

5 Terrific Tips for Sleeping Well When You’re Away From Home

Sleeping well when you're away from home in a hotel bed
We all love getting away now and then from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. But let's face it, your friend's bed or those beds at an inn can't compare to the comfy feeling of your own. There are lots of ways to make sure you're sleeping well when you're away from home. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Business Travel and Sleep: How to Recover From a Stressful Business Trip

Businessman waiting for business travel at airport
If you've ever found yourself with mounds of work to fit into a three-day visit and you just can't seem to sleep in the hotel, business travel and sleep can seem like an oxymoron. Here's a quick guide on how to recover.


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