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  • The Ultimate Executive Health and Wellness Checklist

    As an energetic modern professional, you have every reason to take on staying healthy like you take on any other life task; with dedication, attention to detail, and a complete checklist. Today, we are providing that checklist. Let's dive into our ultimate executive health and wellness checklist for better sleep.
  • Get Some Sleep: It's Good for Your Bacteria

    The connection between food and sleep is pretty well-known. Even if you haven't dived into the hard science of how different foods (and when you ...
  • 10,000 Steps for Better Health and Better Sleep

    How many steps do you take a day? The more steps you take, the more exercise you are getting. If you join the millions of step-counting people, we encourage you to make the most of your ambition and set a goal to improve your health and also the quality of your sleep. Here's how!
  • 5 Devastating Sleep Deprivation Effects on Physical Health

    Our lives are full of deadlines and distractions. Last-minute study sessions and work presentation deadlines loom ahead. With so many obligations, it's no surprise that nearly one-third of American adults sleep less than six hours each night. Here are the not-so-surprising sleep deprivation effects on physical health.
  • How Insufficient Sleep Can Affect Your Appearance

    A good night's sleep benefits every essential function in your body. It's during deep sleep that your brain sorts information, tissues regenerate, and your immune system kicks into high gear. Knowing how sleep can affect your appearance can strengthen your resolve to make sleeping a health and wellness priority.
  • How to Get Better Sleep in a Shared Dorm Room

    Dorm rooms defy every rule of healthy sleep in the book. You live and eat and study in the same room that you are supposed to sleep. And you're doing this right next to a total stranger who lives, eats, studies, and sleeps differently than you do. We have some tips to get better sleep in a shared dorm room.
  • 4 Long-term Health Hazards of Skimping on Sleep

    When you go for days, weeks, and months without proper rest, what happens? Spoiler alert: Nothing good. While even a single night of sleep can throw you off your game, this post covers the more long-term effects of skimping on sleep.
  • The Surprising Link Between Sleep and Relationships

    How well you sleep does have the potential for a significant impact on your relationship. The little amount of sleep you get can have a substantial effect on both yourself and your significant other. Consider these five ways in which your nighttime routines can impact your sleep and relationships.
  • 3 Natural Ways to Treat Adrenal Fatigue

    Adrenal fatigue is a condition that occurs when your body's hormonal levels are no longer balanced. The CDC estimates 1 million Americans struggle with adrenal fatigue. We’ll break down the symptoms and stages of adrenal fatigue for you. Then, we’ll offer some natural remedies to rebalance your body.