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Organic Mattress Los Angeles

Nest Bedding has taken great pride in providing supportive, affordable and local sleep solutions to our customer based in the Bay Area of Northern California, and that reputation is why we have so many customers flocking from the Los Angeles area. Frankly, I can see why. I have always felt you don't need to spend more than $3,000 for a high quality, non-toxic or organic mattress that delivers a great night's sleep. In other words, there is no such things as a "high end" mattress, only stores selling over-priced and really expensive mattresses

Nest Bedding Organic Mattress and Bedding Opening in Los Angeles NOW OPEN

Our Los Angeles location will bring our unique and affordable organic, natural and non-toxic mattresses and bedding to the Southern California market. We have had a crush of interest from the Los Angeles market and several times a month we have customers come up from L.A. to shop in our San Francisco store.

Why Choose Nest Bedding For Organic Bedding

 There is a reason we are called "Nest Bedding" and not "Nest Mattress": we do sell mattresses, of course, but we want to let the world know that o...

Why Did We Name The Company "Nest Bedding"?

You won't find balloons, fake sales, suits and ties or any of the typical mattress store brands in our Nest Bedding stores. Our owner believes in carrying the best products on the market, regardless of profit margin or name. If there is a better product on the market, chances are you will find it on the floor at a Nest Bedding store. Our mattresses are some of the most innovative and highest rated in the country. Our pillows and sheets and bedding are also not typical fare at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond or your local mass market mattress chain.

Green And Eco-Friendly Claims, The FTC And The Mattress Industry

There are many companies in our industry who play fast and loose with their marketing claims, and the FTC was stepping up their enforcement of companies whose claims are unsubstantiated. Companies such as Essentia were recently publicly called out on their exaggerated environmental claims and I wanted to be sure Nest Bedding was in full compliance

Do You Need A Mattress Pad?

Technology now exists which makes the mattress pad obsolete as there are now mattress protectors that do all of the above. A washable, waterproof, breathable and easy to remove mattress protector can prevent dead skin cells from falling through into your mattress and foam below, and can also provide protection from body moisture and spills. It used to be the only way to accomplish this was with a vinyl coated sheet. Fortunately, those days are long gone.

Living Big In A Small Space

Find yourself having to make do with a smaller bedroom? You are not alone. If you live in a big city you may find as the rents go up the space gets smaller. But you can live large in a small space with a bit of planning and smart shopping. Here are some useful tips for a smarter bedroom:

Why Do I Sleep Better In A Hotel Bed?

I hear it time and time again: "I was on vacation/traveling for work and slept better than in my bed at home." Spending the night on a different mattress other than the one you have at home can drive home the fact that your current mattress is in dire need of replacing. However, some people assume it is because the mattress they are on in the hotel is so good and will actually go to great lengths to find out the make and model of the hotel mattress or even buy one from the hotel. Is this a good idea?

Why Did My Mattress Get A Body Impression?

You turned it, flipped it, heck you even sang to it, and yet your relatively new mattress developed a body impression very quickly. But wait, didn't the salesperson at the mattress store say the mattress would last for 20 years? Oh, or did they say it had a 20 year WARRANTY? 

Mattress Shopping Tips For San Francisco Bay Area Customers

It can be crazy out there when shopping for a new mattress, in particular when shopping for a new one here in the San Francisco Bay Area, around Berkeley, Palo Alto and San Jose Areas. Why is it so hard? Because there are so many mattress companies and retailers concentrated in these areas, and they are all advertising they have the best products and the best prices as they fight for your business. It can be confusing trying to decipher all the marketing messages they are putting out. Some are willing to do and say anything to get you in the door. 

How do you proceed? 

Is There A Break-In Period For New Mattresses?

The first 30 days of life with your new mattress can be stressful on your body as well. A new mattress can have a break-in period that makes it feel different than the one you may have tried on the showroom floor, or be different than the one you read about online. The mattress can feel different than your last mattress, making it unfamiliar to your body and thus uncomfortable. It can also provide proper support while your old mattress had broken down and lost its ability to support your back properly, making the new bed cause some discomfort. 

How To Create Versatile Bedroom Themes For Children

Everyone loves popular storybook heroes and heroines. If you're looking to redo your child's bedroom, chances are he or she wants a theme that includes a favorite character or movie. Creating a room your child adores while remaining functional and practical can be difficult, but that doesn't mean you need to deck the room out in tacky murals, decals or organic bedding. Instead, embrace your child's desired theme and deliver a room that is both playful and versatile, perfect for now and easy to change up in the future.


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