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Good Bedtime Routines to Help You Sleep Better

woman drinking tea before bedtime routines
There is nothing better than waking up and feeling refreshed. Unfortunately, most people don't wake up feeling that way regularly. Instead of feeling ready to take on the world, they are exhausted. If you fall into that category, here are some excellent bedtime routines to help you sleep better.

Sleep the Day Away: How to Handle the Night Shift without Losing Your Mind

nurse at computer working the night shift
Working the night shift puts us out of sync, both with society and with ourselves. While everyone is sleeping, we're working; when everyone wakes up, we're going to bed. For anyone who clocks in at night, here are some tips to help you get the sleep you need while working the night shift.

10 Clever Tricks to Help Prepare for Your Kid's Bedtime

mother reading to daughter before the kid’s bedtime
Parents all over the world deal with high energy before their kid’s bedtime. There are many ways to do it, but the key is to create a relaxing bedtime routine. Let's take a look at ten different methods parents have discovered that can help your child settle down for bedtime.

Tips to Incorporate the 5 Senses Into Your Sleep Routine

cozy couple sleep routine with feet sticking out from covers
If you're like most people, you may not overthink about your bedtime routine until your sleep begins to suffer. If sleep is eluding you, try incorporating all five of your senses into your sleep routine. Here are some tips to get you started.

How to Fall Asleep Faster with Herbal Tea

hands holding a mug of herbal tea
If you lie awake at night tossing and turning longer than you would like, you may have already tried some of the commonly recommended sleep-promoting suggestions. Many people who struggle to relax rely on the sleep-promoting benefits of herbal tea before bed. Learn how you can fall asleep faster with herbal tea.

11 Aromatherapy Scents for Sleep: How to Use Essential Oils for Sleep

aromatherapy scents for sleep
The ancient use of aromatherapy is making a comeback. Not only are essential oils used to perfume our homes, but they also have health-promoting properties like the power to soothe people to sleep. Let's take a look at the different aromatherapy scents for sleep and how they can improve your life.

I Can't Sleep: Is It Something I Drank?

woman who can't sleep is reading and drinking glass of wine
For many of us, our bedtime routines incorporate some sort of evening beverage. A mug of hot tea. A glass of cold milk. A sweet wine after a long day. A cup of cold water after brushing our teeth. Could it be, however, that what you drink is keeping you awake? Let's get into it.

The Indisputable Link Between Performance and Sleep

successful business professionals discuss work and balance the link between performance and sleep
When you're tired, you don't perform as well as you would otherwise. A lack of sleep before a big game or an important presentation doesn't tend to be a good idea. That's intuitive. But do you know just how important the link between performance and sleep actually is?

How Common Mental Health Issues Affect Your Sleep

how common mental health issues affect your sleep and keep you up at night
Did you know insomnia is linked to mental health? However, continued insomnia also leads to depression, anxiety, and stress. So, once a person's sleep is interrupted, you could potentially end up in a vicious cycle of insomnia and psychological stress. We’ll examine how common mental health issues affect your sleep.

Plotting the Perfect Sleep Schedule to Keep You Healthy

setting an alarm clock for a new sleep schedule
Most of us are aware there is great strength in following routines. Whether it's an exercise routine or a sleep regimen, our bodies seem to respond best when they can predict what's coming next. If we are going to set a sleep schedule, we need to know how much sleep we need and how to get it. Let's break it down.

Can’t Sleep? 15 Celebrity Routines for Better Sleep

celebrity bedtime routines for a red carpet look when you can't sleep
Maybe part of your nighttime routine is watching your favorite celebrity from tv or film. So it got us thinking—What do famous people do for their nighttime routines to help them relax and fall asleep quickly? We think you'll find these quite interesting, especially if you can’t sleep at night.

Restless Mind at Bedtime? 8 Tips to Help You Sleep

chamomile tea helps ease a restless mind at bedtime
Having trouble sleeping? You're not alone. The good news is there are ways to settle the mind so sleep will come a bit more easily. Here are eight ideas to explore and see which works best for you when you have a restless mind at bedtime.


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