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5 Terrific Tips for Sleeping Well When You’re Away From Home

Sleeping well when you're away from home in a hotel bed
We all love getting away now and then from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. But let's face it, your friend's bed or those beds at an inn can't compare to the comfy feeling of your own. There are lots of ways to make sure you're sleeping well when you're away from home. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Can't Sleep? Daytime Tips for a Better Snooze

Couple walking outside neighborhood for sunlight and exercise if you can't sleep
When you can't sleep, your next day tends to be miserable. It's difficult to stay awake at meetings, be as productive as you want to be, or actually enjoy spending time with your loved ones. So when you get back home, you start thinking about what to do when you can't sleep. We have a few ideas for you.

All About the Language of Sleep

Father reading bedtime story to son which is the language of sleep
All living beings need sleep to survive, so it's perfectly natural that we all talk about sleep. In fact, our language incorporates sleep in a lot of fun and interesting ways. Let's begin our study of the language of sleep by finding out some of the old mythology that gave us some interesting sleep words.

I Can't Sleep: Handling Bedtime When It Seems Too Hot to Live

Stay hydrated if you can't sleep in the summer heat
Though most of us find balm from the day's oppressive heat in the cool of the evening (or in the cool of our air-conditioned homes), there are times when summer's just too real. Not only is it too hot to sleep, it also seems too hot to live. And we know just what to do when you can't sleep in the summer.

4 Fascinating Facts from Sleep Studies

Woman getting beauty sleep fascinating facts from sleep
Here at Nest Bedding, we take a keen interest in all things sleep-related. Because of our interest in sleep and sleep-related phenomena, we read up on sleep studies and occasionally analyze what we find in the research. Here are four of the most fascinating facts from sleep studies we found recently.

Understanding Sleep Cycles and How They Affect Your Day

Understanding sleep cycles women sleeping in bed
Getting a good night's sleep is elusive for many of us. We wake up tired, groggy or just feeling like we haven't gotten a good night's sleep. Understanding sleep cycles, when they occur, and how they make you feel will help you understand your mood as you start a new day.

8 Ways to Create a Luxurious Guest Bedroom

create a luxurious guest bedroom with a seating area
An extra room can be turned to almost anything but most homeowners decide to create a luxurious guest bedroom. As a great host, you plan to put together a truly comfortable place for your guests to relax while visiting your home. And to lend a hand, we'll outline the basics of a welcoming and well-designed guest room.

Is Your Dog Sleeping in Bed With You?

dog sleeping in bed with family
Some pet owners adore their furry friends but would never let shedding and claws come into contact with their fine furniture. While others snuggle on the couch together and, more impactfully, allow their pets up into the bed at night. We offer some words of wisdom for the ongoing debate on having pets in your bed.

5 Science-Backed Tips For Better Sleep When You Can’t Get Any Shuteye

5 Science-Backed Tips For Better Sleep When You Can’t Get Any Shuteye
So, it's 1:00 am and you’re still wide awake. You ‘ve spent the last few hours getting into every position you can think of and tossing and turning until your sheets are a mess. So what can you do besides stare at the wall and wait for sleep to find you? Let’s take a look at these science-backed tips for better sleep.

The Healing Power of Sleep: Why and How Sleep Promotes Fast Healing

The healing power of sleep can cure you faster than anything
Everyone knows sleep is a powerful and important part of life. It can influence your mood, physical energy, and ability to think clearly during the day. We also know that sleep is important for people who are sick or injured. Now, let's take a look at the science behind the healing power of sleep.

10 Fascinating Facts about Mattresses

Woman sleeping in bed with dust mites is just one of our fascinating facts about mattresses
That block of springs and foam that you sleep on every night might be holding several intriguing secrets. So we thought we'd share ten interesting and weird truths about mattresses. These fascinating facts about mattresses may even change the way you think about your bed!

How to Cool Off and Fall Asleep When Your Partner Overheats

Bare feet and light blankets help you fall asleep when your partner overheats
There is nothing more intimate and comforting than sharing a bed with your special someone and normally, the heat between the sheets is seen as a good thing. But what can you do when your special someone becomes a burning radiator in their sleep? These are the tips you need to fall asleep when your partner overheats.


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