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The Sleep Doctor Blog | Advice On Mattress Buying & Sleep Issues

How to Sleep Comfortably When Your Spouse is Away from Home

young female sleeping in bed next to empty space for spouse
When business trips or other obligations take your partner away from home overnight, it can be tough to relax and sleep comfortably. Let's explore how you can sleep comfortably tonight, even without your partner snoring softly beside you.

How to Prepare for a Great Night of Sleep Throughout the Day

happy man stretching in bed in the morning
When we wake up feeling rested and refreshed, we know to expect a productive and pleasant day. Let's review some common causes of insufficient sleep and how we can spend our days preparing for a great night.

Do Couples Who Sleep Apart Sleep Better?

feet sticking out from blanket facing away
Falling in love and spending the rest of your life sleeping in the arms of your beloved represents the romantic ideal — or does it? Some of the reasons couples sleep apart include different work schedules, circadian rhythms, and the need for personal space. The number one reason, however, involves quality of sleep.

A Dreamy Dozen: 12 Classical Works to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

woman with headphones listening to classical music graphic
With the right music, even the most restless insomniac may find the respite they are seeking: a good night's sleep replete with sweet dreams. We listed 12 classical works of music that we call our "Dreamy Dozen," designed to draw you into dreamland and fall asleep faster.

9 Essential Tips to Sleep Better When You Work Third Shift

woman sleeping during daylight with drapes open
Most people work during the day and sleep at night. However, many people work all night long. That people have to sleep when the sun is shining. This can be hard for many people because it is unnatural for our bodies. Here are some tips to help you sleep better when you work third shift.

3 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Improve Your Sleep Quality and Lifestyle

essential oils flat lay
If you're looking for an understanding of how essential oils can improve your sleep quality and lifestyle in general, we've got you covered. We're about to dive into three amazing uses for Essential oils that will, all three, help you get better sleep either directly or indirectly.

How Service Members Can Sleep Better During a Permanent Change of Station Move

How Service Members Can Sleep Better During a Permanent Change of Station Move
While military culture and sleep deprivation do go hand in hand, there could be other reasons for lack of sleep among service members. One is a Permanent Change of Station or PCS move. Here are some common sleep challenges associated with a PCS move, and ways for our men and women in uniform to deal with them.

How to Get Better Sleep in a Shared Dorm Room

roommates lounging in dorm room
Dorm rooms defy every rule of healthy sleep in the book. You live and eat and study in the same room that you are supposed to sleep. And you're doing this right next to a total stranger who lives, eats, studies, and sleeps differently than you do. We have some tips to get better sleep in a shared dorm room.

How to Make the Most of Your Sleep: 10 Step-by-Step Tips

roommates enjoying tea in pajamas on couch
Good rest begins long before you fall asleep. How you use the few hours before bedtime can make or break how you sleep. After all, sleep is about quality just as much as it is about quantity. Here are a few ways to make the most of your sleep before you hit the pillow.

Building a Sleep Chamber in an Apartment or Rental Home

woman sleeping soundly in dark bedroom sleep chamber
For many people, excellent sleep can't happen until they get rid of every possible distraction. In a house you owned, you could rebuild the whole bedroom to suit your needs. But in a rental house or apartment, it's necessary to get creative. Here's how to build a sleep chamber that's quiet, dark, and blissfully cool.

7 Tips to Make a Dark Bedroom Go Pitch Black for Deeper Sleep

dark bedroom at night
Here at Nest Bedding, we are pros at creating a sleep environment that even an insomniac could fall asleep in, and your need for darkness is something we know how to handle. For you and the thousands of others out there who need a genuinely dark bedroom to sleep comfortably, here's how to do it up right.

Overcoming Sleep Dread to get a Good Night's Rest

woman worried by bed suffering from sleep dread
For these individuals with sleep dread, the idea of losing consciousness can be terrifying every night. So, how common is this phenomenon, and what can you do about it?


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